Refresh Your Skin For The Holidays With A CoolPeel Treatment

Refresh Your Skin For The Holidays With A CoolPeel Treatment Photo

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is thinking about their wardrobe, hairstyles, and much more. But don’t forget about the appearance of your skin! Everyone wants to have healthy-looking skin for the holidays and sometimes that means getting a refresher. A popular treatment this time of year is laser skin resurfacing and a CoolPeel CO2 laser treatment could be exactly what you need for a quick refresh. Here’s what you need to know about CoolPeel treatments so you can be on your way to glowing skin through the holidays.

What Is A CoolPeel CO2 Laser Treatment?

A CoolPeel CO2 laser treatment is an enhanced way to provide the same great benefits of a traditional laser skin resurfacing treatment. It targets the skin tissue’s superficial layer to eliminate damaged skin and reveal healthier and younger-looking skin underneath. So if you have age spots, wrinkles, acne scars, or other skin blemishes, a CoolPeel could be a great treatment to reduce them so you can show off your youthful skin throughout the holidays. With so many benefits and very few risk factors, it’s a treatment worth discussing with your medical professional.

How A CoolPeel Differs From Traditional CO2 Lasers

Technology is always advancing and that has led to CoolPeel treatments. It differs from traditional CO2 lasers by delivering fractional ablative treatments with no downtime. And the risk of demarcation, hyperpigmentation, or induced infection is minimal. The laser does not use any unnecessary heat that could damage the surrounding skin, which is how it got its “cool” name. While both types of CO2 lasers deliver great results, the main difference with a CoolPeel treatment is quicker results with very minimal downtime.

Who Are Candidates And What Can You Expect From A CoolPeel Treatment?

The great thing about CoolPeel treatments is virtually anyone is a candidate. Your medical professional will evaluate your skin and medical history to determine whether there are any enhanced risks for receiving treatments. Once you receive a CoolPeel treatment, you can expect minimal redness similar to a sunburn for a couple of days. Skin dryness is also possible, but should not be irritating enough to deter you from participating in normal daily activities.

Are There Any Side Effects To Consider?

Since the CoolPeel laser treatment involves short pulses, the surrounding skin is not impacted. Aside from skin dryness and redness, hyperpigmentation is a side effect for some skin types, but this does not differ from any other laser skin resurfacing treatment. This is where having a complete evaluation by a medical professional is beneficial so they can anticipate any specific side effects and provide you with medication or other treatment options to prevent them.

Expected Results From CoolPeel Treatments

The big question everyone wants answered is what they can expect the results to look like. Following a CoolPeel treatment, you can expect to notice improvements in your skin after just one week. At that time, collagen production will be stimulated in the skin and your results should continue improving for the coming weeks. The outer skin layers will be removed and healthier, more youthful skin will shine through. Any skin texture issues will slowly be reduced and you will continue noticing the benefits for weeks to come with proper post-treatment care.

The results from CoolPeel laser treatments are permanent, but you need a good skincare routine to maximize the benefits. Of course, your skin will age as you get older, so future treatments may be required to reduce signs of aging.

Skin Deep Laser Services is here to help people have the glowing skin they desire for the holidays. Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most popular treatments our clients opt for and there are plenty of good reasons for it. Now is the time to consider getting a CoolPeel so your skin looks glowing for the holidays and beyond. It starts with a free consultation with one of our medical professionals, so contact us today to schedule yours.

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