Pigment Perfection: ProYellow Laser's Advanced Solution for Sunspots, Freckles, and Moles

Pigment Perfection: ProYellow Laser's Advanced Solution for Sunspots, Freckles, and Moles Photo

Skin blemishes like sunspots, freckles, and moles aren’t usually dangerous, but they can be unsightly. If you’re tired of living with these blemishes, then consider a top-of-the-line pigmented lesion laser treatment with the ProYellow Laser. It’s an advanced safe solution that delivers permanent results and is suitable for most skin types. People often try various creams and procedures to remove these blemishes but don’t experience the results they desire. A ProYellow Laser treatment will likely be the last treatment you need to remove these unsightly skin blemishes.

What Makes The ProYellow Laser Unique?

The ProYellow Laser targets pigmented skin lesions so the surrounding skin is not impacted. The laser beam penetrates deeper into the skin than standard lasers, which damages the underlying structure in addition to the visible lesion. Whether you have a single mole you would like removed or an entire area of freckles on your body, the ProYellow Laser offers an effective laser treatment to clear your skin.

Most Skin Types Can Be Treated

One of the best things about the ProYellow Laser is it can be used on virtually all skin types. In addition to sunspots, freckles, and moles, it can treat other lesions like skin tags, birthmarks, melasma, and others. Your medical professional will determine your skin type during your consultation and can provide expectations on how successful a pigmented lesion laser treatment will be for you.

Expect Multiple Treatments To Achieve Desired Results

While clients can expect to experience noticeable results after a single treatment, most of the time multiple treatments are required. Each pigmented lesion laser treatment with the ProYellow Laser is spread out monthly or longer, with optimal results occurring after four months of treatments. Depending on the type of lesion being treated and the size of the area, clients can expect each treatment to take as little as ten minutes but up to an hour. Your medical professional can provide a more accurate timeline of treatments during your initial consultation.

Enjoy Minimal Recovery Time

The ProYellow Laser uses less energy compared to traditional lasers. This means the treatments are much more comfortable and the recovery time is minimal. Depending on your daily activities, you could return to normal activities immediately following your laser treatment. It’s important to take care of your skin by wearing loose clothing and avoiding excessive sweating for a day or two following the treatment to prevent skin irritation. Follow the recommendation provided by your medical professional to ensure no complications arise and your recovery time is as minimal as possible.

Are The Pigmented Lesions Removed Permanently?

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Clients who have their pigmented skin treated love the results they achieve. Since the ProYellow Laser targets the visible lesion and the underlying vessel, permanent results are likely when you work with a qualified medical professional. However, everyone’s body is different, and new lesions can develop in other areas that weren’t previously treated. These are unavoidable, but the good news is you are a ProYellow Laser treatment away from having those new lesions corrected as well.

Visit Your Medical Professional For A Thorough Consultation

Not sure if a pigmented lesion laser treatment with the ProYellow Laser is right for you? The first step is speaking with a qualified medical professional with experience using the ProYellow Laser. They will thoroughly evaluate your medical history and current skin condition to determine whether treatments are right for you. At the consultation, you will also get an idea of how many treatments may be required so you can plan accordingly.

Skin Deep Laser Services is proud to offer ProYellow Laser treatments to our clients to go along with our long line of other high-quality lasers. With modern laser technology today, virtually any skin blemishes can be corrected safely and effectively. Our qualified medical professionals are trained in using these lasers so you can feel comfortable and confident with any laser treatment you choose. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our practice, laser technology, and how we can help you achieve desirable skin.

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