Start Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Now and Be Tattoo Free By Summer

Start Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Now and Be Tattoo Free By Summer Photo

Do you have a tattoo you’ve been thinking about removing for a while? It can seem like there’s never a good time to do it because the process doesn’t happen overnight. However, now that the weather is getting cooler outside and the sun is not as intense, there’s no better time than the present for laser tattoo removal. We’ve explained why the fall season is perfect for beginning laser tattoo removal treatments so you’re ready to show off your clear skin next summer.


Why You Should Begin Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments Now


Every laser treatment requires some healing time and it’s usually not possible to completely remove a tattoo in one treatment. Most clients need a minimum of six weeks for their skin to heal after a laser treatment. But some clients might need up to 16 weeks before their next treatment. Everyone’s body and immune system are different, so your tattoo removal specialist will determine the right timeline to ensure your health is a priority and that the effectiveness of every treatment is maximized.


So when you think about needing anywhere from 6-16 weeks between treatments, and a minimum of three treatments are required, it’s easy to see why now is a great time to get started. Your tattoo will slowly fade throughout the fall, winter, and spring months so it will be completely removed by the time you’re ready to show some skin in the summer.


What Is The Process For Each Laser Treatment?


You may be wondering why people have to wait so long between treatments and why so many sessions are required. With every laser treatment, the laser is injected into the skin with an intense light. The objective is to break up the ink particles so they are smaller and easier for your immune system to remove the pigments naturally. Every laser treatment only takes a few minutes to complete, depending on the tattoo size.


The number of treatments required for your tattoo is based on the location, size, ink color, how it was applied, and more. Laser tattoo removal professionals use the Kirby-Desai scale to evaluate your tattoo and help determine exactly how many treatments will be required.


Avoiding Sun Exposure Is Easier In The Winter


Now for some practical reasons why laser tattoo removal can be more effective if begun during the fall months. One of the things you’ll need to do following a laser treatment is avoid direct sun exposure. Your treated skin will be sensitive and direct sunlight can irritate it much more than untreated areas. The good thing about getting treated in the fall, winter, and early spring is you likely won’t be spending as much time outdoors. And even if you do, you will be wearing more clothing to cover up the treated area, so your skin won’t be as exposed to the sun and will heal quicker.


You Won’t Notice The Treated Area As Much


Some people feel self-conscious about how their skin looks during the laser tattoo removal process. The tattoo slowly fades away and doesn’t usually look very good throughout the process. Since it will be cooler outside, chances are you will wear long sleeves and pants and most likely cover the tattoo up naturally. Compare this to summer when you have to get creative to cover up your tattoo when you want to be outdoors with a group of people.


You Won’t Be Participating In Water Activities


During the laser tattoo removal process, you need to refrain from participating in water activities like swimming, skiing, surfing, and more. So by starting your treatments now, you likely won’t be tempted to participate in any of those activities for several months. Waiting until the summer to begin the tattoo removal process might force you to adjust your plans, but you won’t have to do so this time of year.


Hairy Skin Isn’t As Bothersome When It’s Covered Up


Another component of the laser tattoo removal process is not shaving or waxing the treated area. The skin will be sensitive to the touch and being too rough on it can cause blistering or scabbing. Letting the hair on your skin grow out during the summer can be uncomfortable, but not as much during the winter. You won’t have to worry about shaving to be presentable since the treated area is covered up anyway.


Be Tattoo-Free When You’re Ready To Show Some Skin


If you need some motivation to get started removing your tattoo, just take a look at some laser tattoo removal before & after photos. The results are incredible and many times people can’t even tell they had a tattoo to begin with. While you can remove your tattoo any time of year, there’s no question the fall months are the best times to start the process. Then you’ll be tattoo-free when you’re ready to show off your skin again.

Skin Deep Laser Services is ready to help you achieve the look you desire. Having an unwanted tattoo is normal, but there is a lot of misinformation online about the effectiveness of removing it. The secret to effective laser tattoo removal is working with qualified and experienced professionals. You can rest assured our medical professionals are top-notch and we only use the best equipment and technology to deliver optimal results. It all begins with a free consultation, so contact us today to schedule yours.
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