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At Skin Deep Laser Services, we strive for satisfactory results for every client. We are committed to client-centered care and total safety. Our office in Burke, Virginia is home to some of the top aesthetic lasers in the world. We invest in products from two international moguls in cosmetic laser treatment, Asclepion and Quanta Aesthetic Lasers. Our team only uses devices that produce tangible results. If you have freckles, birthmarks, or sun spots that you would like removed, our fractional Co2 lasers or Q plus C lasers may be able to do the job. In many cases, laser treatment can completely and permanently remove discoloration.

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Understanding Pigmented Lesions and Your Skin

A pigmented lesion is a skin spot created by an excessive amount of melanin in the skin. Sometimes, these marks exist from birth. They can also surface after excessive exposure to the sun. It is important to have any questionable, raised, or itchy skin spots inspected by a dermatologist, as they could be an indication of melanoma. Some of the most common kinds of pigmented lesions are sunspots (also known as solar lentigines), freckles, and birthmarks.

3-Step Pigmented Lesion Removal Process

Our professional team can get rid of your unwanted skin blemishes with quick, relatively painless, non-invasive procedures.

Here’s how the process works in three easy steps:

  • Step One: Arrive at our office for a topical numbing application. It takes about an hour for this cream to take full effect, during which time you can read, relax, or watch TV.
  • Step Two: We bring you in for treatment. Most laser sessions last about 30 minutes, though times will vary depending on the nature of your job. We enact a Zimmer cooler while we work to soothe the skin. Our state-of-the-art lasers break down old tissues to eliminate unwanted pigmented lesions.
  • Step Three: Our team will apply a refreshing salve to your skin to help with healing. You may need to take some time to rest and recover after treatment.

Quick and Lasting Results with Our Laser Treatments

Our lasers are so powerful, they may be able to obliterate your pigmented lesions in just one short session. Once removed, the marks should not return. However, excessive sun exposure can encourage the growth of new lesions. If your birthmarks, freckles, or sunspots are extremely discolored, it may take multiple appointments to get optimal results. We will show you a proper skin care regimen to maximize the effects of your treatment.

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  • Clean Environment
    We want you to feel safe when having a procedure so we take the necessary steps to keep our facility clean.
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    Our lasers are top of the line. We stay up to date on technology and only use the most advanced techniques.
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