Achieve the Body Look You Want With the PHYSIQ Laser

Achieve the Body Look You Want With the PHYSIQ Laser Photo

There’s never a bad time of year to focus on your body and achieve the look you want. Many people go on strict diets and exercise regularly to lose weight and get rid of stubborn areas of fat, but those actions don’t always produce the desired results. Diet and exercise are essential components of being healthy, and a little help to tone your body is sometimes needed as well.

That’s where a laser treatment with the PHYSIQ laser enters the picture. It’s a revolutionary laser that is FDA-approved and used to both contour the body and tone muscles. It’s the only laser technology in the world that features muscle stimulation and laser energy, making every laser treatment quick and the results impressive. Here’s how the PHYSIQ laser can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

How The PHYSIQ Laser Works

The PHYSIQ laser is the only laser technology in the United States that uses Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse (STEP) technology. This technology allows medical professionals to provide variable stimulation to targeted areas and make the laser treatment as comfortable as possible. Virtually any area of the body can be treated and clients can get multiple body parts treated over time. The PHYSIQ laser uses a unique combination of energy and heat to tighten the skin, reduce fat, and tone muscles. These are the results you may desire after spending many hours exercising and eating all of the right things. However, the PHYSIQ laser can help you get to the next level much easier, especially if you’ve struggled to achieve your desired results.

Expected Benefits From A PHYSIQ Laser Treatment

The list of benefits from a PHYSIQ laser treatment is extensive. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Tightening the skin
  • Destroying fat
  • Building muscle
  • Ability to treat some of the most stubborn areas of fat
  • Immediate results that last
  • Minimal pain
  • No downtime

If you have been thinking about how you can eliminate some stubborn areas of fat that you’ve been targeting for years, the solution could be with a few PHYSIQ laser treatments.

What A PHYSIQ Laser Treatment Feels Like

When you’ve decided to get a PHYSIQ laser treatment, your medical professional will help you feel as comfortable as possible. Applicators will be applied to your skin and held on by an elastic band. They will then set the PHYSIQ laser settings appropriately and begin the treatment. You will feel a slight warm sensation where the PHYSIQ laser is targeting, but the part of the device that comes in direct contact with the skin uses cooling technology to keep you comfortable and protect the skin at the same time. The entire process is designed to keep clients as comfortable as possible and most people don’t experience any pain.

Is There A Recovery Period?

The great thing about the PHYSIQ laser technology is it doesn’t require any downtime after your treatment. You can resume normal activities immediately when you leave the medical facility where you received your treatment. However, your medical professional will provide you with some after-care instructions that need to be followed closely. These instructions usually involve massaging the treated areas with lotion. As far as any side effects go, some people may experience skin warmth for a few hours after the treatment and possibly some minor muscle tenderness or soreness for a couple of days.

Achieve Results You’ve Always Desired

Now is the time to achieve the results you’ve always desired with your body. A single PHYSIQ laser treatment takes no more than 30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. And you can treat multiple areas of your body in one day, which can save even more time. We all have busy lives and sometimes have a hard time finding time to take care of ourselves. PHYSIQ laser treatments help you achieve the body look you want without taking a lot of time away from the other responsibilities you have every day.

Most people see noticeable results after one PHYSIQ laser treatment, but most of the time clients will need up to five treatments spread out every 2-3 weeks before achieving their final results. And once you achieve the desired results, a healthy diet and regular exercising are all you need to focus on to maintain your body look for years to come.

Skin Deep Laser Services is proud to offer the PHYSIQ laser to our clients. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience our clients have in our facility, and the PHYSIQ laser helps us accomplish this. The unique abilities of the PHYSIQ laser are what make it so special, and it’s a bonus for clients that it doesn’t involve any downtime like other laser treatments do.

We always get asked by clients how they can tone their bodies and now we have an answer other than simply dieting and exercising. If you’re ready to take your body to the next level and get rid of those stubborn fat areas and tone your body at the same time, we can help get you started. All you have to do is contact us to schedule a free consultation and our experienced medical professionals will put you on the right track to achieving the body look you want.

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