Summer-Ready Legs: Discovering Laser Treatments for Spider Vein Removal

Summer-Ready Legs: Discovering Laser Treatments for Spider Vein Removal Photo

Summer is right around the corner! Most people think about how they will get their bodies and skin tone in shape for the warmer months. But if you have spider veins, particularly in your legs, have you ever thought about getting them removed? While spider veins typically aren’t painful, they can make your skin look a little unsightly. Get summer-ready legs with laser spider vein removal and you can go back to having silky smooth legs with no blemishes.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are often referred to as varicose veins, but they are actually different. Spider veins are thinner than varicose veins and usually intertwine to resemble a spider web. They are found closer to the skin’s surface, which makes them more visible. But since they are closer to the skin’s surface, they are also good candidates for being removed via a laser treatment. Spider veins can appear anywhere on the body, but they are most commonly found on the legs.

Are Spider Veins Dangerous?

It’s a relief knowing that spider veins typically aren’t dangerous. Unless you’re looking for them, chances are you won’t even know they are there since physical discomfort is not common. However, if you notice any discomfort in the area of your spider veins, it’s best to have a medical professional take a look at them. Spider veins will not go away on their own, so your medical professional may discuss laser spider vein removal options with you.

Laser Spider Vein Removal Process

The laser spider vein removal process is simple, straightforward, and virtually painless. Your medical professional will use advanced laser technology to focus a beam of light on your undesired spider vein. The laser’s heat penetrates the skin and makes the blood in the spider vein coagulate. The targeted spider vein will then collapse and seal. You will not experience instant results from the laser spider vein removal process, but you will notice the spider vein disappearing slowly over a few weeks. It takes time for the body to clear the collapsed blood cells caused by the laser treatment, but it will go away over time.

Clients should not experience significant discomfort throughout the laser spider vein removal process. The laser provides a mild tingling feel that can seem a little different than normal, but if you are prepared for what to expect, then you should feel comfortable and confident throughout the laser treatment.

Woman with spider veins

Preventing Spider Veins From Reappearing

Once you go through a laser spider vein removal treatment, you may want to try proactive actions to prevent them from reappearing. Just because you’ve had a spider vein removed doesn’t mean one won’t appear in a different area. Preventing spider veins is possible by

  • Not standing for prolonged periods without breaks
  • Not sitting for prolonged periods without breaks
  • Exercising regularly
  • Keeping your legs elevated when possible
  • Not spending too much time in hot baths

While these tips can help prevent spider veins from reappearing, they will not make spider veins disappear if they are already present. Most of the time visible spider veins will need to be treated with laser technology once they appear.

Work With Trusted Professionals For Laser Spider Vein Treatments

Any time you’re dealing with laser technology, it’s critical to work with certified and trained professionals. While laser spider vein removal is safe and effective, the laser must be in the hands of a qualified professional to ensure no complications occur. It’s worth noting that mild cases of spider veins are treatable with laser technology, but more severe cases may require more intervention. Schedule a consultation with your medical professional to determine your options.

Skin Deep Laser Services offers the best quality lasers and our medical professionals are trained and qualified to work with them. Spider veins can be very unsightly depending on where they are located. If you want to clear them out before the summer begins, then now is the time to pursue a laser treatment. When you’re ready, contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your options with one of our medical professionals.

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