Are Some Tattoos More Difficult to Remove Than Others?

Are Some Tattoos More Difficult to Remove Than Others? Photo

Having regret over a tattoo several months or years later is completely normal. The good news is with the technology available to us today, laser tattoo removal is more effective than ever before. However, this doesn’t mean every tattoo can be removed quickly and easily. There are many different factors that play a role in how effective laser tattoo removal is. One of the main questions people have is “does tattoo removal work?” Here are some of the challenges to consider with the process.

Lighter Colors Are Harder To Remove

The lighter the colors are in the tattoo, the more difficult the tattoo will be to remove. The science behind laser tattoo removal is defined by the energy from the laser being absorbed by the color in the ink. Lighter colors typically don’t absorb as much of the energy, which means more treatments may be required. While these light colors are harder to remove, it doesn’t mean they are impossible to remove.

Your Skin Tone Is A Factor

Aside from the color of the tattoo, the color of your skin also plays a role in the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal. The Quanta Q Plus C laser is safe for all skin tones and types, but people with darker skin tones may have to go through more treatments to remove their tattoo. This is because the darker skin tone will actually absorb some of the energy that was supposed to target the ink colors. The process is still safe and the tattoo will eventually be removed if you have a darker skin tone, but just be aware it may take a little longer.

Tattoo Location

Tattoos located near the heart typically are removed faster, since there is better blood flow there. The Quanta Q Plus C laser is responsible for breaking down the ink in the tattoo, but the body will continue working to remove the ink afterward. This is why tattoos on areas like the hands and legs typically take longer to be removed, since blood does not flow as quickly in those areas.

Age And Installation of The Tattoo

The age of the tattoo also plays a big role in the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, as well as who installed the tattoo to begin with. A brand new tattoo will take longer to remove since the colors will likely be bright and vibrant. Colors will naturally fade over time, so older tattoos will typically be easier to remove.

While it’s never recommended to get a tattoo installed by anyone other than a reputable professional, homemade or amateur tattoos are usually much easier to remove. But when you have your tattoo administered by a professional, it’s equally as important to have it removed by a qualified professional. Anyone can claim to have the ability to remove tattoos, but ensuring the right laser is used by a qualified professional will lead to the most desirable results.

Skin Deep Laser Services will set realistic expectations with clients in Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax, VA when it comes to removing their unwanted tattoos. While the Quanta Q Plus C laser is the best on the market, and is the only laser we use in our office for tattoo removal, every client’s tattoo is unique. During your initial consultation, we will set proper expectations to help you understand the process specifically for your tattoo. Be sure to contact us today to speak with a qualified professional about removing your tattoo safely and effectively.

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