The Essential Role of CO2 Treatments in Maintaining Consistent Presentation Across Face, Neck, and Chest as We Age

The Essential Role of CO2 Treatments in Maintaining Consistent Presentation Across Face, Neck, and Chest as We Age Photo

No one can avoid getting older. But we can prevent the physical impacts of aging when we opt for the right treatments. Many people think a fractional CO2 laser treatment is designed specifically for creating youthful skin in the facial area. While laser skin resurfacing can make your face look about ten years younger, it can also provide plenty of benefits to the neck and chest area. As we get older, certain areas of our bodies can age differently. If your goal is to maintain a consistent presentation as you age, then a fractional CO2 laser treatment could be the perfect option.

What Does A Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Entail?

One of the simplest treatments a qualified medical professional can administer is a fractional CO2 laser treatment. They will send a laser beam through the layers of your skin to create a polka-dot print of tiny columns in it. Your body’s natural reaction will be to slowly repair those columns by creating new skin and forcing out the old skin at the same time.

With the advancement of CO2 lasers over the years, clients can expect a laser skin resurfacing treatment to take anywhere from a few minutes to up to an hour. The time varies depending on the size of the area. And since the lasers pinpoint targeted areas, none of the surrounding skin is impacted.

Everyone Deserves Great-Looking Skin

Everyone deserves to have skin they feel comfortable in, no matter how old they are or what the color of their skin is. One of the major benefits of a fractional CO2 laser treatment is it can be administered on all skin types. Some of the few groups of people who won’t qualify include women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as people with immune system disorders. Talk to your medical professional to determine whether laser skin resurfacing treatments are right for you.

Indefinite Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments Keep Your Skin Looking Smooth

Another reason why fractional CO2 laser treatments are so popular is because of the long-lasting results. Whether you want to treat your face, neck, chest, or a combination of all three, you can ensure a consistent presentation with regular laser treatments. Many people get treated 4-6 months apart to ensure the positive results continue. And these treatments can continue indefinitely as directed by your medical professional.

Everyone’s body is different, so the timing of subsequent laser treatments can vary. With each laser skin resurfacing treatment, the body’s natural collagen and elastin production are stimulated. This leads to long-lasting results without having to go through the hassle of weekly treatments. The process starts over with every laser treatment so you can ensure a consistent appearance for as long as you continue treatments and care for your skin properly.

Preparation Is Key To Successful Results

Clients will need to schedule a consultation to discuss their laser treatment options, medical history, and more. In general, clients should avoid extensive direct sun exposure for a few weeks before any fractional CO2 laser treatment. Other treatments like waxing or microdermabrasion should also be avoided. On the day of each treatment, plan to take the rest of the day off after your treatment to care for your skin and ensure no complications occur.

Always Follow Recommendations For Post-Care Actions

How you care for your skin following a laser skin resurfacing treatment will play a big role in how effective the results are. Clients can expect minimal discomfort in the treated areas, which is usually alleviated by taking Tylenol or similar medication. Your medical professional will also provide you with instructions regarding the use of skin care products or moisturizers, so be sure to follow those instructions closely. Most of the time, any complications result from not taking care of the skin properly after the treatment, so it’s of utmost importance to follow post-care recommendations closely.

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Choose A Reputable Medical Professional To Eliminate Complications

If you want your skin to look youthful consistently, then working with a reputable medical professional is essential. When dealing with your skin, you can’t afford to work with someone who claims to be the best but is much cheaper than anyone else. Do your due diligence and ask plenty of questions to ensure the medical professional you work with is qualified and trained to use CO2 lasers safely and effectively.

Start Your Journey To Youthful Skin With Skin Deep Laser Services

Youthful skin is right around the corner when you work with the professionals at Skin Deep Laser Services. We understand how important it is to have a consistent presentation when it comes to your skin, especially as you get older. Everyone deserves to be confident in their skin, and sometimes that means going through the right treatments to fix any imperfections. Our team is highly trained, educated, and experienced to work with the CO2 lasers in our office and we are ready to put together a customized skin treatment plan for you.

When you’re ready to revamp the appearance of your skin, contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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