VirtueRF: Instant and Lasting Body Transformation with RF Microneedling

VirtueRF: Instant and Lasting Body Transformation with RF Microneedling Photo

No matter how hard we work to get our bodies into the shape we want and the appearance we desire, it seems like there are always some problem areas. Certain conditions could be holding you back from achieving the perfect body as well. For example, if you sweat excessively under your arms, it’s known as a condition called hyperhidrosis. While you may have lived with this condition for many years, the right laser treatment can help with the problem.

One of the top ways to transform your body is by getting a Deep Virtue RF microneedling treatment. Not only could you experience instant results, but you can also experience a lasting body transformation.

What Are VirtueRF Microneedling Treatments?

Deep Virtue RF microneedling treatments use a large handpiece operated by a skilled medical professional. The device consists of gold-coated needles that can be set to specific depths depending on the issues you want to be treated. A common misconception is that microneedling can cause some pain, but with the cooling technology implemented, the treatment is virtually painless. Deep Virtue RF treatments can help stimulate collagen production to boost your fat loss and skin tightening efforts. It can also destroy sweat glands to significantly reduce excessive sweating.

Why Do Clients Opt For VirtueRF Treatments?

Many clients turn to laser technology when they want to tighten their skin and improve stubborn areas of fat. With Deep Virtue RF microneedling, the deep penetration into the subcutaneous layer encourages fat reduction. While the treatment is not similar to liposuction, it is just as effective due to the depth and radio frequency of the treatment.

Another benefit of using laser technology is reducing excessive sweating. Clients who sweat profusely under their arms sometimes feel embarrassed going places or have to wear multiple layers of clothing. A single Deep Virtue RF microneedling laser treatment can effectively eliminate extra sweat glands. The decrease in sweat glands will result in a decrease in excessive sweating.

Results Are Nearly Instant, But Multiple Treatments May Be Required

Modern laser technology today has made it easier than ever before to reduce problem areas in your body. Deep Virtue RF treatments can provide nearly instant results, but your ultimate goal might be a few treatments away. Your medical professional can provide you with a better idea of how many treatments might be required to achieve your desired result. For most clients, up to three treatments are required, and most of the time they need to be spaced out over eight weeks in between.

Follow Instructions From Your Medical Professional For Best Results

Deep Virtue RF treatments typically take no more than an hour depending on the area treated and the type of treatment required. Most clients can also resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment. Of course, some precautions should be taken a day or two after the treatment, like not swimming or participating in activities that could cause you to sweat. Your medical professional will provide you with this information and it’s important to follow it to ensure positive results with no setbacks.

Tackle Your Days More Confidently With VirtueRF

Losing stubborn areas of fat can boost a person’s confidence significantly. And if you have an excessive sweating problem, your quality of life can be upgraded instantly with a Deep Virtue RF microneedling treatment. Confidence and feeling comfortable with your body are two keys to living a happy and successful life. You might be a laser treatment away from achieving both.

Never Work With Anyone Other Than A Qualified Professional

While it’s easy to find a wide range of potential solutions for your problems online, working with a qualified medical professional to get a laser treatment is one of the most effective. Medical professionals should have the proper experience, certifications, and reputation before you work with them. When you’re dealing with your skin and body, it’s always risky to work with inexperienced people claiming to be professionals.

Skin Deep Laser Services has earned a reputation for providing the best laser treatments to help clients achieve their goals. We offer the top laser technology on the market to ensure we can provide the best services possible. When you’re ready to explore how Deep Virtue RF treatments can work for you, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced medical professionals to learn more.