Reduce Excessive Sweating With A Virtue RF Micro-Needling Treatment

Reduce Excessive Sweating With A Virtue RF Micro-Needling Treatment Photo

Do you have an excessive sweating problem under your underarms? While it’s nothing to be shy about, it can force you to change your lifestyle in certain circumstances. You might not wear a particular piece of clothing because you don’t want the sweat to come through. Or you might always need a change of clothes available when you venture out of your house.

Excessive sweating under the underarms is common and it’s a condition called hyperhidrosis. The good news is it’s treatable with the right device. The most effective device is our Virtue RF device for micro-needling. You want a laser treatment you can trust to do the job effectively and Virtue RF micro-needling can solve your excessive sweating problem. Here’s what you need to know about the process.

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How Does Virtue RF Micro-Needling Work?

Virtue RF is one of the most trustworthy treatment options for excessive sweating under the underarms. Radiofrequency micro-needling can destroy sweat glands quickly and effectively so you won’t have to worry about sweating too much anymore. The treatment is simple and clients will have the area numbed and the treatment lasts less than an hour. The result is a decrease in sweat glands so you won’t have to feel embarrassed with excessive sweating anymore.

What To Know About Virtue RF Treatments

While most clients require up to three treatments to achieve the desired results, a single treatment can make a huge difference. The great thing about modern laser technology is clients won’t have any downtime or recovery and can resume normal activities immediately. Many people get a Virtue RF micro-needling treatment during their lunch break and return to work afterward.

If clients decide to get multiple treatments, they will be spaced up to eight weeks apart to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. The great news about Virtue RF treatments is they are safe for all skin types. And since the only type of pain or discomfort comes from the numbing injections, even people with a low pain tolerance will have a positive experience.

What Post-Care Actions Are Required?

Every laser treatment requires different post-care actions. With Virtue RF micro-needling treatments for hyperhidrosis, post-care actions are simple. Avoid activities like swimming or anything that would normally cause you to sweat on the day of the treatment. Also, avoid using deodorant or other products for six hours or so after the treatment. Most clients can resume normal routines with their hygiene the day after their treatment.

Clients may notice positive results within days following their Virtue RF micro-needling treatment. If your medical professional recommends a series of treatments, then it’s highly suggested to follow them. You will then be able to experience the full effect of the treatments. And the best news is the results are permanent, so you shouldn’t have to receive any other treatments for hyperhidrosis.

Always Work With A Trusted Professional

The main thing to remember when considering any laser treatment is to only work with qualified medical professionals. There are plenty of products and people claiming to be the best and offer the lowest prices. Be aware of any strong claims in this regard if they aren’t using top-of-the-line laser technology. Trusted medical professionals will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to ensure Virtue RF micro-needling is right for you. They will also take the time to answer any questions you have and set proper expectations based on your medical history, current lifestyle, and much more.

Skin Deep Laser Services is proud to offer only the best laser technology to our clients. Our Virtue RF device is the best in the industry and we are thrilled to be able to help clients eliminate their excessive sweating problems. We are in the business of helping people live the lifestyle they want without being self-conscious. Excessive sweating can make you alter your lifestyle to the point where you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and learn more about how we can help improve your lifestyle.

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