What to Expect During Laser Scar Revision Treatments

What to Expect During Laser Scar Revision Treatments Photo

Unwanted scars or skin blemishes don’t have to stay on your body forever. The trick is finding the right solution that actually works. You might have heard of a special cream you can rub on your skin to remove scars over time. But the reality is those rarely work how you expect them to. The most effective way to reduce the appearance of scars is to get laser scar revision treatments administered by a qualified professional. When you’re considering a scar revision procedure, it’s important to know what to expect so there are no surprises along the way.

Schedule A Consultation To Evaluate Your Skin

Any reputable and trustworthy professional will require a full medical consultation before administering a laser scar revision procedure. The medical professional will discuss your medical history, evaluate the severity of your scars, recommend the appropriate treatment, and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable and ensure the professional answers them thoroughly. The best professionals will leave no stone unturned and will set proper expectations for your specific situation.

What Types Of Scars Can Be Treated With Laser Scar Revision?

Your medical professional will identify the types of scars you have during your consultation. A laser scar revision treatment can revise many types of scars, including:

  • Keloid scars

  • Ice pick scars

  • Boxcar scars

  • Rolling scars

  • Contracture scars

  • Hypertrophic scars

Some types of scars might only require a couple of laser scar revision treatments to fade away. Others might require numerous treatments if they are deeper or more severe. Your medical professional should be able to give you accurate expectations after thoroughly evaluating your scars. If you visit someone who says they will be able to eliminate your scars instantly with a single treatment, be wary about working with them. Laser scar revision is a process that slowly revises scars over time no matter what type of scar you have.

Pre-Treatment Care Tips

Whether you need minor acne scar revision or if you have deeper scars, following pre-treatment care tips can increase your chances of success. Most of these tips just involve simple lifestyle changes a couple of weeks before your treatment. Avoiding direct sun exposure is at the top of the list since medical professionals cannot administer a laser scar revision treatment on sunburned skin. They might also ask you to refrain from using certain skin care products or getting other types of skin care treatments. These recommendations are put into place so you can maximize the effectiveness of every treatment and ensure your skin stays as healthy as possible along the way.

Follow Post-Treatment Instructions Closely

Most of the time clients will experience minor discomfort, swelling, and redness following a laser scar revision treatment. While major complications are rare, it’s important to follow post-care instructions closely to prevent those complications. It starts with relaxing at home for the rest of the day when your treatment is completed. Your medical professional may suggest staying at home for several days depending on the location of the treatment and the severity of the scars.

Taking care of the treated area can accelerate the healing time and prevent any type of complication. Staying hydrated is important for healthy skin and to prevent it from drying out. Only use skin care products approved by your medical professional and avoid direct sun exposure for a few days following your treatment. These suggestions are put into place to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment, reduce the chances of complications, and allow your skin to heal quicker.

Will One Scar Revision Procedure Eliminate Scars?

Proper expectations are key when you have a scar revision procedure scheduled. A single treatment can make a big difference, but chances are you will need more than one to reach the end result. The scar revision procedure involves a laser beam being sent through the layers of the skin to create tiny columns in it. Your body naturally works to repair those columns by replacing the old and damaged skin with new skin. This process takes time. So while you might see results as early as a week or two after your treatment, the complete result might not be seen until up to six months following the treatment.

Practice Patience And Trust Your Medical Professional

Patience is required when you start laser scar revision treatments. But when you have patience and follow the advice from your medical professional closely, you will have the smooth and clear skin you’ve wanted for a long time. Your medical professional will provide an estimate of how many treatments they believe you will need to achieve your desired results. However, this can change depending on your pre- and post-care actions and whether your expectations change. If you are satisfied with the results after a single treatment, then you don’t have to continue with the treatments. Working with a trusted medical professional is ideal in this type of situation so they can educate you on everything you need to know about stopping or continuing with treatments.

Skin Deep Laser Services offers laser scar revision treatments to help you achieve the look you’ve desired for a long time. Our medical professionals are qualified and trained to administer the highest-quality treatments in the area. And we always utilize the latest top-of-the-line laser technology so our customers know they are receiving the best treatments possible. When you’re ready to revise your unwanted scars safely and effectively, contact us to schedule a free consultation and begin the process.

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