Why the Hair Growth Stages are Important to Laser Hair Removal

Why the Hair Growth Stages are Important to Laser Hair Removal Photo

When you learn as much information as you can prior to getting a laser hair removal treatment, you’ll feel much more confident and comfortable about the process and have the right expectations. One of the factors many people don’t think about enough is the stages of hair growth. Even the best laser hair removal treatment is only effective when hair is actively growing. And since all of the hair on your body doesn’t actively grow at the same time, it makes sense you’ll need multiple treatments to experience the best results. Here’s what you need to know about the different stages of hair growth.

Hair Grows In Three Stages

The first stage of hair growth is the one most people are familiar with, since you can see when the hair is just above the skin. The hair will remain in the first stage for up to three weeks, so this is the optimal time to pursue a laser hair removal treatment.

Hair is in the second stage of growth for a very short duration, usually just a couple of days. The hair has virtually stopped growing, but has not completely entered the resting stage yet. Your hair may shed more at this stage and since it’s not actively growing, a laser hair removal treatment won’t be as successful.

The third stage is the resting stage, which is when the hair is dormant. It can be in the resting stage for a significant amount of time and it’s not possible to have an effective laser hair removal treatment at the resting stage.

Timing is Important For Quality Results

Whether you’re going in for a back hair removal treatment or any other area of your body, it’s important to schedule your treatment for when your hair is in the first stage of active growth. The lasers used in the treatment can target the hair pigments and destroy the follicles so they won’t grow back again. Your medical professional can quickly tell you what stage of growth your hair is in when you visit them for a consultation, so it’s important to ensure you get treated at the right time for the best results.

Skin Deep Laser Services wants to make sure every client has the proper expectations when they are considering laser hair removal. The reality is this process is the most effective hair removal procedure available, but it still takes at least a few different treatments to achieve the final results. We will outline the entire procedure and expected results for you at your initial consultation, so contact us today to schedule yours and get on track to having the smooth body you’ve always desired.

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