Skin Rejuvenation vs. Skin Resurfacing

Skin Rejuvenation vs. Skin Resurfacing Photo

Everyone should strive to take the best care of their skin. With so many different products, treatments and procedures, it’s understandably difficult to know which ones you need or would be most effective. A common source of confusion among people is understanding the differences between skin rejuvenation and laser skin resurfacing procedures. Too many people use these terms interchangeably, which leads to even more confusion. We’ve clarified these two procedures by outlining the main differences and why someone would want to choose either one.

Types of Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Skin rejuvenation procedures are designed to change your overall appearance drastically. Common skin rejuvenation procedures you may have heard of include Botox or Juvederm and other types of dermal fillers. With Botox, injections are made in the skin and into the muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Other injectables may be used to make your face or other areas look fuller temporarily.

Effective Skin Resurfacing Treatments

When you hear about CO2 laser skin resurfacing, the treatments involve removing and repairing layers of skin cells. A single fractional CO2 laser treatment can make you look many years younger by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin tones, pigmentation and more. Instead of having injections made into your skin, laser skin resurfacing treatments only use a laser to get rid of the old and damaged skin and naturally replace it with new skin. Several treatments may be required to achieve optimal results, but then the results can last for several years with proper skin care techniques.

Consult With A Professional For Your Best Option

If you still aren’t sure whether you need skin rejuvenation or laser skin resurfacing treatments, it’s best to speak with a medical professional. People who want to look a few years younger by tightening up their skin and removing unwanted blemishes that developed over the years often opt for laser skin resurfacing. While skin rejuvenation procedures can be effective as well, many times people realize it’s not exactly what they wanted. With laser skin resurfacing, the treatments are quick and the results are long-lasting and effective for the vast majority of clients.

At Skin Deep Laser Services, we take pride in educating our clients about every type of procedure available that would achieve the results they desire. There are plenty of reasons why skin rejuvenation gets confused with laser skin resurfacing, and we will take the time to clear up any misconceptions about each. During your initial consultation, we want to hear about your concerns and what results you want to achieve. At that time we will make our expert recommendation and explain the process in detail. To learn more about our services and to schedule your consultation, contact us at any time.

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