It's Time to Achieve Your Skincare Goals

It's Time to Achieve Your Skincare Goals Photo

We all could do a better job taking care of our skin. With the busy lives we all have, sometimes skincare takes a back seat to other things we have going on in life. While it’s important to establish daily steps for caring for your skin, you might also need some help getting started. If you’re ready to improve your skin no matter what skin conditions you have, then here are some of the best solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Discover The Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is widely regarded as a quick and effective way to achieve healthier, younger, and brighter skin. The best chemical peel will contain a combination of Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Glutathione, TCA, Retinoic Acid, Phenol, and Vitamin C. Each of these ingredients impact the skin in different ways, but the end result is smooth and healthy skin.

The process of getting a chemical peel is simple. A qualified medical professional will apply the chemical solution directly to the affected skin, which starts an exfoliation process to remove old and damaged layers of skin and reveal new skin underneath. Depending on the size of the area treated, you can expect a chemical peel to take less than 30 minutes for a professional to administer. Your skin will then start peeling about three days later and will continue for a total of about 12 days before the peeling process is complete. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, you can experience a more even skin color, fewer wrinkles and lines, smoother skin, and a brighter complexion at the end of the peeling process.

The great thing about getting a chemical peel treatment is you can get another one every four or five weeks. So if you have deeper skin damage, multiple chemical peels spread out over several months can slowly improve your skin. It’s possible to experience sensitive skin after getting a chemical peel, but the side effects are minimal.

Get Your Skin On The Right Track With A Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

One of the most popular skincare treatments today is laser skin resurfacing. When you get a fractional CO2 laser treatment, you can look about 10 years younger and a single treatment can provide results in as little as a week. So if you have fine lines, skin elasticity, wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation, rough skin texture, skin irregularities, acne scarring, or other skin conditions, pursuing a fractional CO2 laser treatment can help in many ways.

The process of getting a fractional CO2 laser treatment is simple when you work with an experienced medical professional. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery strongly suggests choosing a laser skin resurfacing professional based on their qualifications, training, and experience, rather than the one who offers the best deals. When you find the right professionals, they will send a laser beam through the layers of your skin, which creates tiny columns similar to a polka dot print. Your body will then naturally work to repair those columns by pushing out old skin and replacing it with new skin. You don’t have to worry about other areas of your skin being affected since the laser is targeted and focuses only on the damaged skin.

What attracts many people to get a fractional CO2 laser treatment is the long-term results they can experience. The treatment boosts elastin and collagen production in the body naturally, so after a single treatment, your skin will continue improving for up to six months afterward. At that point, you can decide to get additional treatments or stop treatments if you’re satisfied with how your skin looks.

Make Your Skin Feel Smoother With Laser Hair Removal

Not many things feel better than smooth skin during the spring and summer seasons. The problem with shaving all the time is unless you do it every day, your hair might grow back quickly so you’ll only feel smooth skin for a short amount of time. Waxing might last a little longer, but it still doesn’t eliminate hair growth.

A treatment that’s getting more popular every day is laser hair removal. By using a laser, your medical professional can send a beam of light through the skin to penetrate the hair follicle. This process permanently damages the individual follicle and prevents future growth. Multiple treatments are required since the laser hair removal treatment is only effective when hair is actively growing and your hair doesn’t grow at the same time. But after several sessions, you should experience significant positive results since laser hair removal has proven to be 90% effective in reducing hair permanently.

Find The Best Routine To Improve Your Skin

The best skincare routine you can have is the one that works specifically for you. Some people don’t have any interest in laser hair removal, but can benefit tremendously from a chemical peel or a fractional CO2 laser treatment. The best thing to do is have an open and honest conversation with a medical professional about your skincare goals. Chances are a combination of things will help you reach your goals, and it’s helpful to have some professional guidance along the way.

Skin Deep Laser Services offers the top laser skin procedures available today, and we would be happy to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to contact us today to schedule a consultation and put together a plan for achieving better skin.

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