What Time of the Year is Best to Start Laser Tattoo Removal?

What Time of the Year is Best to Start Laser Tattoo Removal? Photo

When you’re finally tired of looking at your unwanted tattoo, you can always take action to remove it. One of the reasons why people keep their tattoos even though they don’t necessarily want to is because they don’t get a definitive answer to the question, “does tattoo removal work?” The laser tattoo removal procedure is the most effective method for removing tattoos, and can be done at any time throughout the year. However, the winter months tend to be the best for many different reasons. Here’s why starting the laser tattoo removal process during the winter will benefit you.

Reduced Sun Exposure

Your medical professional will tell you to keep your skin covered from direct sunlight before and after your treatments. During the colder months, you will typically be wearing more clothing and will naturally be covering up the area anyway. If your skin is exposed to the sun too much prior to getting treated, then the area could blister or peel immediately after the treatment is completed. And the skin definitely should be covered for several weeks after your laser tattoo removal treatment so it can heal properly. It’s much easier to cover your skin in the winter than it is in the spring and summer when it’s warmer and outdoor activities are the norm.

Lower Risk of Getting An Infection

Spring and summer activities can lead to an increased risk of bacteria exposure, which could lead to getting an infection. Your skin is going to be vulnerable after a laser tattoo removal treatment, so the chances of an infection are much higher. Most people tend to not do the same types of activities in the winter, so the less exposure to bacteria means a reduced risk of getting infected and delaying the tattoo removal process.

Clothing Will Cover Up The Tattoo As It Fades

Clients love seeing before and after tattoo removal photos. However, the process of completely removing a tattoo is a lengthy one and goes through many stages. When you begin the laser tattoo removal process in the winter, you can easily cover up the tattoo with clothing so you won’t have to show everyone the progress. Depending on the size and colors of your tattoo and how early you start the removal procedure, it could be completely gone by the time you start showing off your skin in the summer months.

Skin Deep Laser Services wants everyone to be happy, comfortable and confident in their skin. Sometimes that means removing a tattoo you got many years ago for whatever reason. Tattoos don’t always fit your lifestyle throughout your entire life, and we can help you start fresh again. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation to get a timeline on how quickly we can remove your tattoo and the process involved.

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