3 Skin Care Treatments to Consider in the New Year

3 Skin Care Treatments to Consider in the New Year Photo

If you made a New Year’s resolution to take better care of your skin this year, then there are plenty of options available for you. But even if you didn’t make a New Year’s resolution, you should still consider taking better care of your skin in 2019 and beyond. Whether you’d like to look younger, revise some skin blemishes, reduce acne scarring or just simply want to make your skin look more vibrant, we’ve got some great suggestions for you to consider. Here’s why a chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing or acne scar revision should be strong considerations for you this year.

Chemical Peel

The chemical peel process involves applying an acid solution to the skin in order to begin an exfoliation process. Once applied, clients will notice their old layers of skin starting to peel away a few days later until the process is complete up to 12 days after. The most notable chemical peel benefits include revealing smoother, brighter and healthier skin after just a couple of weeks, as well as boosting elastin and collagen production to keep the skin looking great for several weeks or months until it’s time for another treatment.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you wish you could look up to 10 years younger, but aren’t sure how to accomplish it, laser skin resurfacing could be your solution. This process works when a medical professional sends a laser beam through the layers of the skin to create tiny spaced columns. Your body will naturally then go to work to repair those columns, which involves pushing out the old skin and replacing it with new and vibrant skin. Some of the many benefits of laser skin resurfacing include improving skin texture, removing any skin irregularities, eliminating pigmentation, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and much more.

Acne Scar Revision

Acne scars are constant reminders of your battles with acne over the years. For the New Year, one of your goals may be to remove these scars and have cleaner and smoother skin as a result. Laser acne scar revision is available to make this goal a reality. Every laser acne scar revision treatment is targeted, so only the affected skin will be treated. The process works similarly to the laser skin resurfacing process, where the body will naturally replace the old and damaged skin with new skin after the laser beam is sent through it.

Skin Deep Laser Services believes the New Year is a perfect time to set new skin care goals. Our clients in Washington DC, Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax, VA are always conscious about their skin, but sometimes a little help is needed to get started. These three skin care treatments are perfect to start the year off the right way, and reap the benefits for many months and years afterward. If you’re unsure which treatment option is right for you, feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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