Five of the Most Common Reasons People Get Laser Tattoo Removal

Five of the Most Common Reasons People Get Laser Tattoo Removal Photo

No matter what your reasons for getting a tattoo may be, having one done is a deeply personal decision and experience. The downside to this is when your reasons for getting a certain tattoo no longer hold water. While covering it and your embarrassment may work for a while, you may eventually have no choice but to get it removed entirely. We understand! It happens more frequently than you’d think. In fact, here are some of the most frequent reasons we get clients looking to remove tattoos.

1. It Just Doesn’t Have the Same Charm

Just like our interests, our tastes in tattoos don’t necessarily last over time. What looks cool or gorgeous when you’re 22 won’t always look just as good when you’re 42. In the best case scenario, your tattoo’s aesthetic will last for life. If it doesn’t, however, there’s no need to feel ashamed! This is a quite widespread reason people get interested in removing tattoos.

2. It Inspires Sour Feelings

Namesake tattoos are discouraged just in case of situations like these but don’t feel stupid if this happens to you. Quite a few people wind up getting tattoos inspired by people they love or celebrities they admire. However, these relationships can quickly spoil for any multitude of reasons, such as breakups, bigotry or any number of other unfortunate mishaps. Everything can’t last forever, and that’s especially true with tattoos. It’s better to request a tattoo removal than carrying around a rotten reminder for the rest of your days.

3. Your Tattoo Is Flawed

We don’t mean this on a symbolic level. You’d be surprised at how many tattoos are simply flat-out wrong in quite simple ways! Either the tattoo in question was supposedly written in a foreign language, only for a deeply meaningful word to turn out to be something trivial, or the artist who created your tattoo in the first place made some sort of mistake during the inking process. Removing tattoos is sometimes the best way to go in this case, rather than risk any further embarrassment.

4. It’s No Longer Relevant

This could be on a personal level or a cultural one. Sometimes we get tattoos inspired by inside jokes or cultural references that stop making sense or simply lose steam over time. Sometimes references and jokes are best left stored in one’s mental library to be laughed at in private. However, if you’ve made yours public, don’t hesitate to seek out the help you need!

5. You Got It for the Wrong Reasons

Again, this is another major reason people seek out laser tattoo removal. Some people view tattoos with the same lens as hair dye: something to do to perturb the authority figures in their lives, regardless of the permanency. While this tattoo wasn’t the best decision you’ve made, you can certainly have it corrected.

If you find yourself in any of these predicaments, or any other situation, be sure to contact us. We’ll help you get rid of that tattoo efficiently and at a competitive price!

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