Tattoo Removal Treatment : Yes to Second Chances

Tattoo Removal Treatment : Yes to Second Chances Photo

I’ve undergone laser tattoo removal treatment before but it didn’t work the first time. I wasted a good amount of money for it and though it managed to at least fade the tattoo, I still had red ink leftover and some ghostly looking areas. The ghostly areas looked awful, like burn scars.

Since then, I’ve lost hope of getting the dirt off of my shoulder. A buddy suggested a new specialized skin care center at Burke, Virginia. He said I should give it a second try, who knows? Although it took me months to decide whether I’m up to it, I’m so glad I worked up the courage to take the laser tattoo removal treatment procedure once again. The second shot was more than worth it.

I’ve got two tattoos, a skull on my shoulder and a portrait on my back which later I wanted to change. I got the skull one removed first which ended up a failure. So there in Burke, after going through consultation and ultimately being prodded by my friend who’s undergone the laser tattoo removal treatment at the same place, I risked it. And it had great results. I never thought Burke, Virginia could be home to such a skin care center with advanced laser technology and with efficient cost. I’m happy I didn’t close the doors to second chances.

They told me they use Quanta Q plus C laser which they boasted to be an advanced Italian made machine that carries all 3 wavelengths needed to remove all inks. Apparently, not all laser tattoo removal machines are created equal. In fact, some companies produce machines with laser tips that are not true wavelengths. I was shocked to find out that this was the reason my red ink was still present and the reason I had scarring. The good news is that Skin Deep Laser Services also had a machine to help with the scarring left behind. It’s called Quanta YouLaser, which is a Fraxel laser skin resurfacing….pretty cool technology! It vaporizes tiny holes in the skin so you create a new skin in its place. I just paid $2,000 to get rid of all the remaining tattoo and scarring; the laser technician totally worked the magic.

I feel like my skin got photoshopped because not only did I feel minimal discomfort, it only took four treatments to finish the whole thing. So now my skin doesn’t have any sign of ink on it and I feel successful after getting the procedure. Of course, I’ve got my friend to thank for his awesome recommendation plus the help of the specialists, who, though at first, I was skeptical to trust based on my prior experiences… really did the best job ever.

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