Microdermabrasion vs. Laser Resurfacing: What’s Best for You?

Microdermabrasion vs. Laser Resurfacing: What’s Best for You? Photo

Millions of people in the United States undergo some sort of non-surgical skin procedure every year. However, the type of procedure varies among people. Some prefer microdermabrasion, while others prefer laser resurfacing. Affordability and convenience are the main factors people take into account when deciding between the two treatments, but there are a variety of other factors as well. If you’re thinking about undergoing a resurfacing treatment, but don’t know which procedure to go with, we’ve got you covered.


This procedure essentially sandblasts the skin with micro-crystals in order to exfoliate the dull and dead surface skin. People who undergo microdermabrasion generally don’t have bad skin, but they do have some imperfections like acne, some hyperpigmentation, slight scarring and other irregularities. The process for a facial resurfacing treatment through microdermabrasion can take up to an hour. When patients are done with the procedure, they will notice their skin is generally much smoother. In just a day or two, the skin will feel totally normal again.

Laser Resurfacing

The process of laser resurfacing is a little more intense. Doctors will emit tiny laser beams on the skin to essentially kill off the damaged skin and promote new skin growth. Since CO2 laser resurfacing gets deep down into the skin cells, the recovery time can take up to a week or two due to redness and some irritation while the new skin develops. While microdermabrasion usually gives patients immediate results, people who undergo laser resurfacing may not see the desired results until a couple months down the road. However, since you have new skin cells growing, you will have an easier time taking care of the new skin as a result.

Which Procedure is Best?

The best resurfacing treatment is the one you can afford and benefit from the most. If you have just slight blemishes you want to get rid of, microdermabrasion is probably your best option. If you’ve neglected your skin for many years, leading to unsightly scars and deep blemishes, a process like CO2 laser resurfacing may be the best option. Laser resurfacing is significantly more expensive than microdermabrasion because of the technology involved, so keep that in mind.

Before you make the plunge to undergo either of these procedures, be sure to consult with a doctor or contact us for more information. These are serious and important procedures and people react differently to them, so it’s always best to know exactly what you’ll be dealing with before, during and after the procedure.

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