Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment: Bittersweet Reminder of You No More

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment: Bittersweet Reminder of You No More Photo

The sexiest part of my body is my clavicles. I simply love how this bone structure could make me look regal, fierce or even innocent depending on how I show them. I thought having a tattoo across them would make them even sexier, so I had my boyfriend's name tattooed in cursive across my clavicles. Cool looking tattoo and a gift to my boyfriend. His gift to me was cheating, I was left with a broken heart and a tattoo that I wish I could scrub off of my chest!

I was reluctant to show my clavicles in public. I soon discovered laser tattoo removal treatment. Although I was disgusted with his name on my body, I still liked the placement and the style of the tattoo. So I went to Burke, Virginia where there’s this new cosmetic skin care center that people are talking about to see about getting my tattoo lightened enough to get a cover-up that would not reveal my old tattoo.

First thing I asked the specialist about was how long it would take to get the tattoo removed?!! To evaluate my case they used that thing called Kirby-Desai scale that determines how many treatments I would need. They said the factors that would decide the number of treatments I need would be based the location of the tattoo, the type of ink used if it was done by a professional or an amateur, my immune system, and overall health. Boy, that’s a lot and they all play a factor in reducing the ink.

Bad news, I’m diabetic and my tattoo is only a few years old but the good news was that my tattoo is very thin lettering, black, and close to my heart/lymph nodes which is an advantage to the healing process and I’m a fairly healthy girl… I don’t smoke and I exercise regularly.

I was very nervous as the technician approached my skin with the laser because I kept thinking about the people I saw on youtube describing their horrible experiences with laser tattoo removal. But it wasn’t that bad at all. She was very quick and managed to laser every last bit of ink without me giving up! My first laser tattoo removal treatment was a success! A little swelling, redness and itchy for a day or so but NO blistering or scarring like you see on youtube… those people look like they in are so much pain. I feel so bad for them. I can already see my tattoo fading and it has only been a few days since my treatment.

I am a diabetic so it’s important for me to monitor my healing process closely for complications. I also had to make sure my diabetes was stable prior to my treatment. My technician recommended that I wait at least 2 months in between treatments to allow for appropriate healing time being diabetic. I’m hoping 3-4 laser treatments will dull the ink enough to get a great cover-up piece to show off next summer!

Having the laser tattoo removal treatment was the first laser skin procedure I had and the fact that it had a great outcome, I’m recommending it to anyone who wants to have fast and effective tattoo erasing procedure.

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