Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments Now and Be Hair Free By Summer

Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments Now and Be Hair Free By Summer Photo

Summer is over, but it doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to next summer already! If you were bothered by the hair anywhere on your body and thought about how much nicer it would be to have smooth skin, then now is the time to take action. When you begin permanent hair removal treatments in the fall and continue them through the winter and spring, your skin will be silky smooth by summer. Laser hair removal treatments are the most effective for a wide range of clients, and here’s what you need to know to have the smoothest skin possible next summer.

Prepare For Your Treatments Easier In The Fall And Winter

Preparing your skin for the best laser hair removal treatment is the key to success. You should not wax or pluck your hair for 4-6 weeks before your treatment and should only shave one week before. Also, avoiding extensive sun exposure for a few weeks before your treatment is ideal.

Both of these preparation tips are easier to accomplish when the weather is cooler in the fall and winter. You can easily and comfortably cover up any areas you would normally shave so you don’t have to feel self-conscious. And the sunlight isn’t as harsh this time of year, so sunburn on your skin is not as easy.

Can You Remove Hair From Anywhere On Your Body?

Permanent hair removal can occur anywhere on the body. So no matter what problem areas you have, talk to your medical professional about getting the hair removed and it can likely happen. Most clients opt for hair removal for legs, back, bikini line, and underarms. When you are timing out your treatments, just think about how much your skin will be exposed when deciding what areas to focus on at any given time.

Who Qualifies For Laser Hair Removal?

The good news about the best laser hair removal treatments is anyone can qualify for them. Treatments are safe for all skin types, but they are most effective on people with lighter skin and darker hair. The reason is because the laser targets individual hair follicles and it’s easier to detect each follicle when there is a higher contrasting color between the hair and skin. This is another reason why it’s ideal to get treated in the fall and winter since the skin tends to lighten up.

Of course, before going through with any permanent hair removal treatment, talk with your medical professional about any medical conditions or diseases you might be dealing with. Certain medications can make your skin more sensitive to the treatments. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid laser hair removal as a precaution.

Permanent Hair Removal Treatments Are Simple

So what is involved in the best laser hair removal process? Your medical professional will send a laser beam through the layers of skin and target the hair follicles you want removed. Each follicle absorbs the light from the laser, which permanently damages it and prevents it from growing again. Highly skilled and trained professionals will target only the areas that need to be treated so your surrounding skin is not affected. Each treatment takes only a matter of seconds or minutes depending on how large the area is and where it’s located.

Multiple Treatments Are Likely Required For Permanent Results

Achieving permanent hair removal means getting multiple treatments. It’s important to note that your hair must be growing actively for the laser hair removal process to be effective. The problem is your hair doesn’t grow at the same pace, which is why multiple treatments are likely required. Your medical professional can evaluate your hair during your initial consultation and give you an idea of how many treatments could be required. But since you can expect multiple treatments to be spaced out 4-6 weeks apart, it’s easy to see why now is the time to get started with your first treatment if you want smooth skin by summertime.

Post-Treatment Care Tips

Taking care of your skin after laser hair removal treatments is much easier in the fall and winter. Your skin could feel slightly uncomfortable, so keeping a topical cream or a cold compress on the area can help. The goal is to keep your skin as cool as you can and any skincare products you use should be approved by your medical professional. Try to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible as well.

The Professional You Work With Makes A Difference

Permanent hair removal treatments are made much easier when you work with skilled, qualified, and trained professionals. They can help you time out your treatments to maximize your comfort and achieve the best results possible. While it’s possible to get treated any time of the year, most clients experience the best results when they begin this time of year.

Skin Deep Laser Services provides the best laser hair removal services in the area. We only use top-of-the-line laser technology and equipment, and our medical professionals are highly skilled and experienced. During your initial consultation, we will understand exactly what you wish to accomplish with your skin and present a plan to you. If you’re already thinking ahead to next summer, then now is the time to contact us to schedule your consultation and get your first laser hair removal treatment on the books!
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