What is the Secret to Chemical Peel Success?

What is the Secret to Chemical Peel Success? Photo

Chemical peels are widely known and respected as being effective in transforming the skin to have a younger, brighter and healthier appearance in a matter of about a week. A chemical peel consists of multiple ingredients, including Kojic Acid, TCA, Glutathione, Retinoic Acid, Vitamin C, Phenol and Salicylic Acid. These ingredients work together to help people reduce their fine lines and wrinkles, reverse sun damage, brighten your skin tone, reduce acne scarring and much more. But what’s the secret to achieving the best results possible with a chemical peel? Understanding the chemical peel process and following these tips can help tremendously.

Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel works simply by inducing skin exfoliation to reveal newer and healthier skin from underneath. According to the Avalon School of Cosmetology, a chemical peel kills off the top layer of the skin’s tissue and can go deeper if there is more skin damage to address. Throughout the peeling process, the chemical solution is cleansing the skin and removing damaged skin until it regenerates and grows smoother and healthier.

Three types of chemical peels can be administered: superficial, medium or deep. The type you need depends on the level of skin damage you want to reverse or revise and will be suggested by your medical professional. The chemical peel benefits you can expect to receive include younger and brighter-looking skin, and you can get treated on the face, chest, neck, hands and almost anywhere else on the body.

Be Transparent With Your Medical Professional

Once you’ve found a reputable medical professional to work with, answer all of their questions and be transparent about your medical history. They want to ensure your chemical peel facial does not cause any reactions or have any harmful effects on your skin or body, so they will need your cooperation in this regard. This includes informing them about any medications you take regularly, whether you’re pregnant, have experienced any skin rashes or reactions to medication, what activities you do on a normal day and more. Schedule a consultation at least a couple of weeks in advance of the time you would like to get treated so you have plenty of time to prepare your skin and make any necessary adjustments to your daily routine.

Limit Travel And Activities Before And After Your Chemical Peel

One of the great chemical peel benefits is the recovery process is rarely difficult. However, for the best results possible, it’s important to limit sun exposure for at least a couple of weeks before the appointment. And then once your treatment has been administered, stay out of the sun as much as possible until the peeling process has completed, which can take up to a couple of weeks. Your skin may be sensitive after your chemical peel, so take precautions by wearing loose-fitting clothing, sunblock and staying in the cool air when you can. It’s usually best to refrain from traveling before and after a chemical peel facial so you don’t have to limit the activities you partake in while you’re at your destination.

Keep Your Skin Healthy And Hydrated

Healthy and hydrated skin is great to have all the time, but especially when you’re planning to get a chemical peel treatment. Whether you want to achieve firmer skin with a chemical peel or want to reduce acne scars, applying a moisturizing cream and washing the skin gently is important. Most skin types can be treated with a chemical peel, and the best results occur with hydrated skin that has not been exposed to the sun frequently before and after the treatment.

Only Work With A Certified Medical Professional

One of the most important things to remember before getting a chemical peel treatment is to only work with a trusted and certified medical professional. The American Academy of Dermatology states that the results you receive are largely dependent upon the skills and experience of the person administering the treatment. There are plenty of over-the-counter chemical peel treatments you can find in stores, but avoid purchasing those if you want to achieve the best results. It may seem simple enough to apply the chemical solution on your skin, but unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you could end up causing permanent damage to your skin. Plus, the over-the-counter chemical peel treatments don’t usually contain the strongest ingredients. As a result, you may not get the chemical peel benefits you had hoped for and will have to visit a medical professional anyway. When it comes to the health of your skin, it’s always ideal to work with a medical professional so you don’t cause more harm than good.

Set Realistic Expectations For Chemical Peel Results

Most people are pleased with the results of their chemical peel treatment. However, you have to have realistic expectations before your treatment to feel fully satisfied with the results. In other words, you can’t expect to walk into your medical professional’s office one afternoon and walk out the same day looking ten years younger. The peeling process starts around day three after the treatment was provided, and could take up to 12 days to complete. With great aftercare, clients can experience positive results for anywhere between six months to a year before having to get treated again. But with a regular chemical peel plan of up to three treatments a year, you’ll have a better chance of sustaining the results.

Skin Deep Laser Services uses cutting-edge technology and has experienced and certified medical professionals to administer chemical peel treatments and other skin treatments. Having youthful-looking skin as you get older is important to many people, but you have to be careful with the treatments you get and who administers them. When you contact us to schedule a free consultation, we will learn about your needs and desires and recommend the best treatment possible. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and informed throughout the process so you can feel confident and happy with your results. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your goals with your skin’s appearance.

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