Is There an Alternative Treatment to Blepharoplasty?

Is There an Alternative Treatment to Blepharoplasty? Photo

One of the first signs of aging occurs around the eyes. Droopy eyelids, sagging skin and wrinkles often occur prematurely and make people appear to be older than they are. In the past, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) was the only procedure to fix these features and restore a person’s youthful appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 200,000 people underwent blepharoplasty in 2016, which indicates exactly how many people are interested in improving the appearance of the skin around their eyes.

The problem is blepharoplasty is invasive and can take people several days to recover from it. The good news today is you can get a laser eye lift without surgery and avoid any complications that could follow as a result of surgery. This is commonly referred to as a Madonna eye lift and is one of the most effective alternative treatments to blepharoplasty available today.

How A Madonna Eye Lift Is Performed

A Madonna eye lift begins with having a trained and experienced professional clean your eyes and cover them with a topical anesthetic for around 40 minutes. Once the anesthetic has become effective, it is removed and the eyes are covered with eye shields. A laser is then used to target the upper and lower eyelids and create thousands of tiny perforated columns in the skin, while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. This process allows new collagen to form, which promotes tighter skin to fill in the wrinkles, fine lines and droopy skin around the eyes. A single treatment takes roughly five minutes per eye and normal activities can be resumed immediately after the Madonna eye lift treatment.

Are The Lasers Safe?

A CO2 laser eye lift is widely regarded as a safe and effective procedure for correcting skin problems around the eyes. A study published by Photomedicine and Laser Surgery in 2017 concluded that lasers can provide a “decreased recovery period, higher safety profile, and the potential for a more natural cosmetic outcome compared with traditional blepharoplasty.” Laser therapy has come a long way over the past decades since it can be used to target specific areas on the face and body. The use of a fractional CO2 laser is what makes it possible to target only the areas on the body that need to be treated, while leaving healthy skin intact. It’s important for people to only work with trained and certified professionals to get their CO2 laser eye lift to have the safest, most efficient and most effective treatment possible.

Expect Multiple Madonna Eye Lift Treatments For Best Results

The number of Madonna eye lift treatments needed depends on the client and the severity of the skin condition. Severe wrinkles or fine lines may require five or more treatments three months apart to experience the final desired results. However, for minor corrections, only a couple of treatments may be needed with significant results experienced in a single treatment.

The results of a Madonna eye lift can be enjoyed for several months or years following your treatment plan. A good skin care regimen is required, including good sun protection habits. The process of the CO2 laser eye lift is designed to continue collagen production for up to six months following the treatment, so results will continue over time. The combination of multiple treatments with a great skincare routine can make for results that last for many years afterward.

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the best things about getting a laser eye lift without surgery is people rarely experience significant side effects. The extent of the side effects is usually limited to swollen or red skin around the eyes for around three days after the procedure. Minimal discomfort is usually experienced during the treatment and afterward, so it’s possible to resume normal activities immediately following the Madonna eye lift treatment.

Always Work With A Qualified Professional

The most important thing to keep in mind as you consider whether a Madonna eye lift is right for you is to only work with a qualified, trained and certified professional. As new laser technology gets developed, people and companies may claim to be experts, but the truth is they aren’t using the most current technology and could put your skin at risk of getting damaged as a result. You can never be too cautious when it comes to skin procedures, so always ask for the medical professional’s certification and qualifications before committing to any treatments involving lasers.

When clients come to Skin Deep Laser Services, they can feel comfortable and confident knowing they are working with highly-trained, qualified and certified professionals no matter which treatment option they need. The Madonna eye lift is one of the most common procedures we perform and clients love the results they get from it. If you are tired of seeing sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines or droopy eyelids, contact us today to schedule a consultation to determine whether a Madonna eye lift is right for you, as well as any other treatment option you may desire.