5 Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Laser Tattoo Removal

5 Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Laser Tattoo Removal Photo

You may have done extensive research on laser tattoo removal, but chances are there are still some things you don’t know. While the actual process is simple and straightforward, the human body is so complex that it can be difficult to comprehend how it all works. Just like there is no clear answer to the question of “does tattoo removal hurt?”, there are also some variables when it comes to the tattoo removal process. Here are some strange facts you likely aren’t aware of.

Exercising Will Help Speed Up The Tattoo Removal Process

Blood circulation is one of the main components of the laser tattoo removal process. The more circulation you have in your body, the quicker the tattoo will be removed. One way to boost the circulation is by exercising. So if you’ve been avoiding the gym, but want your tattoo to be removed more quickly, then you’ve got the best of both worlds by exercising.

Different Colors Fade At Different Rates

Some ink colors will fade away faster than others. Just take a look at some before and after tattoo removal photos. You’ll likely notice people with predominantly black tattoos experience quicker results than people who have shades of green or blue. And if you have a tattoo with multiple colors, some of those colors will fade away quicker than others.

Smoking Cigarettes Slows Down The Removal Process

Just like exercising speeds up blood circulation, smoking cigarettes has the opposite effect. The more you smoke, the longer the laser tattoo removal process will take, and you’ll end up having to visit your professional for more treatments.

The Area of Your Body Makes A Difference

Tattoos on the chest area will be removed more quickly than areas on the hands or feet. The reason? There’s more blood flow the closer you get to the heart. This is a big consideration for the length of time it takes to get your tattoo removed completely.

Tattoo Ink is Removed Naturally

Contrary to popular belief, the laser actually doesn’t remove tattoo ink. Instead, the laser penetrates the skin in order to break up the ink particles. Then the body goes through natural processes to remove the ink, such as sweating and releasing other bodily fluids.

Skin Deep Laser Services provides laser tattoo removal procedures for clients in the Washington DC, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, VA areas. During your initial consultation, we will go over the process extensively with you and answer any questions you have to ensure there are no surprises. To set up your consultation, contact us today.

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