Enhance Your Skin With a Chemical Peel

Enhance Your Skin With a Chemical Peel Photo

What if we told you the solution to many of your skin concerns could be alleviated with a chemical peel treatment? Many people aren’t completely aware of the chemical peel benefits available, but the reality is the list is quite extensive. Whether you have acne scars resulting from years of dealing with acne, or if you’re beginning to develop wrinkles or fine lines due to getting older, a single treatment can go a long way in enhancing your skin. Here’s how a chemical peel can enhance your skin effectively.

Types of Chemical Peels Available

There are three types of chemical peels available, depending on the type of skin damage you have:

  • Superficial peels are used to treat the outer layer of the skin through exfoliating the dead skin cells.
  • Medium peels are designed for skin damage occurring deeper within the skin.
  • Deep peels target the deepest layers of the skin and are designed for extremely damaged skin.

Most of the time clients only need superficial or medium peels to see great results. These work by inducing a skin exfoliation process to remove damaged skin and reveal healthier and younger-looking skin underneath.

Improve Skin Tone and Revise Skin Damage

While getting a chemical peel for acne scars is one of the most common reasons why people choose them, it’s not the only thing it can do. Even something minor like a skin tone difference or slightly wrinkled skin can be transformed. A chemical peel can actually work to tighten the skin since collagen and elastin production is increased, leading to long-lasting results.

Enjoy Ongoing Results With A Chemical Peel

One of the chemical peel benefits clients enjoy is the ongoing effects it creates. A chemical peel can be administered in less than 30 minutes and take up to two weeks to complete the process. Results can last for up to one year, but it’s recommended by medical professionals to get two to three treatments in the course of a year to sustain the desired results. Since treatments are simple and provide significant skin enhancements, most clients opt for getting at least a couple treatments every year.

Skin Deep Laser Services offers chemical peel treatments to clients in Washington DC, Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington, VA. We not only administer these professional treatments, but we also want to ensure each of our clients completely understands the process, how their skin will be affected and set proper expectations when it comes to the results experienced. To learn more about chemical peels, contact us today to set up a consultation

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