Are Lasers or Surgery Best for Scar Revision?

Are Lasers or Surgery Best for Scar Revision? Photo

With the laser technology available today, correcting various types of scars on your skin is easier than it’s ever been. There are many different types of scars you may have, ranging from minor acne scars to major scars resulting from a burn or other wound. In the past, surgery was the only option for removing scars, especially deeper ones. Today, laser acne scar revision procedures are effective in removing most types of scars, even serious ones. So when is it appropriate to opt for a laser scar revision procedure over surgery and vice versa? Here is more information about each.

Benefits of Laser Scar Revision

You may have asked yourself, “what is scar revision?” When it comes to lasers, it’s when a laser beam is sent through layers of the skin to create tiny spaced columns in it. The skin will then repair itself over the span of several weeks with new and fresh skin. The benefits of laser acne scar revision include:

  • Quick and effective treatments, which are usually completed in under an hour
  • Very minimal discomfort throughout the procedure and during the recovery phase
  • Can treat multiple types of scars, which can vary in severity
  • Can treat many locations, including the facial area, neck, back, legs, chest and others
  • Results will constantly improve as the skin continues to repair itself

When is Surgery The Best Option For Scar Revision?

Nowadays, the only time a medical professional considers a surgical procedure for removing scars is in a very severe circumstance. The main reason is because the process is much more invasive and requires a longer recovery time. Plus, there may be minor skin imperfections or scarring following the surgical procedure, simply because of the nature of the process. Laser scar revision is preferred the vast majority of the time, and only in rare instances will surgery even be presented as an option.

Laser Scar Revision is Typically The Best Choice

Not only do medical professionals prefer performing laser acne scar revision over surgery, but clients do as well. The overall experience the laser technology provides benefits everyone involved, and the client appreciates having the best looking skin possible with the shortest downtime. A laser scar revision procedure is much simpler than many people believe, and your medical professional can go over all of the details and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Skin Deep Laser Services uses only the highest quality lasers and advanced technology for their scar revision procedures. Clients in the Washington D.C. and Arlington, Virginia areas appreciate the quick and efficient processes in place, and the results always speak for themselves. If you’re ready to finally get rid of the scars on your skin, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you have the smooth and attractive skin you desire.

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