3 of the Most Popular Reasons to Get a Chemical Peel

3 of the Most Popular Reasons to Get a Chemical Peel Photo

Almost anyone who has gotten a professional chemical peel before opts to continue getting treated in the future. The process is easy, the results are nearly immediate and will continue for months afterward. Of course, the professional you have administering the chemical peel makes a difference as well, and it’s highly advisable to avoid any DIY chemical peels. So what chemical peel benefits do people usually see and why do they get them in the first place? Here are three of the most common reasons why.

Control Acne And Reduce Scarring

Sometimes people who are having problems controlling their acne will opt for a chemical peel treatment. The treatment is designed to remove the old outer layers of the skin and replace them with new and fresh skin. This is oftentimes exactly what the skin needs to fight off acne breakouts.

And for people who have minor acne scarring, some chemical peel benefits involve reducing the appearance of those acne scars. Several treatments may be needed to reduce the appearance significantly, but you could see great results after just a single treatment as well.

Even Out Skin Tone

The ingredients in the chemical peel are designed to help even out any pigmentary problems you may be having with your skin. The treatment only takes around 30 minutes to administer, and the peeling process can take up to about 12 days to complete. During this time, clients will slowly see the old skin peeling off and the newer skin coming through, which should also be correcting any pigmentary issues.

Reduce The Appearance of Aging

This is arguably the biggest reason why people choose to get a chemical peel treatment. The acid in the chemical peel helps slow down the development of wrinkles, as well as tightening up the skin by increasing elastin and collagen production. Most of the time clients will get between one and three treatments each year to experience the best chemical peel results and to help maintain their youthful appearance throughout the years, no matter their age.

Skin Deep Laser Services is here to help clients in the Washington DC, Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington, Virginia areas look younger and feel better. A chemical peel is one of our go-to treatment options, since almost everyone can benefit from it and it’s quick to administer. Plus, you don’t have to have any downtime at work and can virtually continue your normal lifestyle, with a few minor exceptions. So if you’re ready to transform your skin, remove minor skin blemishes and have an overall more youthful appearance, contact us today to see if a chemical peel is right for you.

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