What 3 Everyday Items Could Be Affecting Your Skin?

What 3 Everyday Items Could Be Affecting Your Skin? Photo

Have you ever felt like you’ve tried everything to keep your skin clear of acne and other blemishes, but breakouts still occur randomly? You’re not alone. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint why a breakout occurs, such as doing an intense workout where you sweat a lot or going through a stressful situation. However, if you aren’t able to identify the reasons for your acne problems and have seemingly tried everything imaginable to keep it under control, you may want to turn your attention to the items you use and touch every day. Here are common everyday items that could be affecting your skin, and how treatments like a chemical peel can help.

Towels, Washcloths and Other Cleansing Items

You may think your towels and washcloths stay clean for several days, since the entire purpose of those items is to keep you clean. However, bacteria can collect on them quickly, no matter how much soap you use. Then when you use the washcloth the next day, some of the bacteria could be transferred to your skin and you’re fighting an uphill battle as a result. If you’ve gotten a laser skin resurfacing treatment before, you know how important it is to keep the skin free from bacteria. So try changing out your towels and washcloths every day and washing them in a bleach and water solution to ensure no bacteria is present the next time you use them.


Your pillowcase could be the main culprit if you constantly experience skin problems on your face. Most people change out their bed sheets and pillowcases once a week or so, but that frequency should be adjusted to changing it every day. Oils from the hair and skin get on the pillowcase and can start forming bacteria quickly. Then the bacteria gets on your face the next night when you lay down on it. Even if you get a chemical peel to clear up your skin, it won’t be able to protect you from the bacteria you lay on every night.

Anything That Touches Your Hands

Think about everything you touch throughout the day. Your phone, clothes, doorknobs, keyboards, computer mouse, car steering wheel and much more. Then when you touch your skin, you’re transferring the bacteria from those items directly to it. The amount of times the average person touches their face throughout the day is very high, since we do it subconsciously without even realizing it. But when you’ve gotten a chemical peel or are just trying to be conscious about protecting your skin, be sure to always wash your hands throughout the day and avoid touching your skin as much as reasonably possible.

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