Skin Care Tips After Laser Hair Removal

Skin Care Tips After Laser Hair Removal Photo

Vital Skin Care Tips After Laser Hair Removal

Having a laser hair removal procedure done may not sound like a big deal, but it really is. Your skin is important, for obvious reasons, and you have to take extra care of it when you have a laser hair removal treatment completed. Many people aren’t sure exactly how to care for their skin, or they simply slip back into old habits because the problem is “gone.” Here are a few ways you can keep your skin healthy and help the recovery process after getting a laser hair removal treatment in Arlington, Virginia.

Use Ice and Avoid Heat

Every person’s skin is different and will experience various reactions to treatments. A hot shower is a great way to relax after a long day, but don’t make them too hot for a few days after your skin treatment. The heat and steam could cause skin irritation and lead to other problems.

Instead, take a cool shower and be gentle with the treated areas. If you have any sort of irritation, use an ice pack or other cold object to help reduce some of the discomfort. It’s human nature to scratch an itchy or irritated area, but you don’t want to do that after a laser hair removal treatment.

Wear Sunscreen

Your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight after a laser hair removal treatment in Alexandria, Virginia. Even if it’s cool outside, you need to wear sunscreen if you will have any exposure to the sun. The skin will be vulnerable for a few days after the treatment so you’ll need to give it more care than normal.

Avoid Makeup

Mineral makeup is about the only safe type to use immediately following your laser hair removal procedure. Otherwise, try to avoid applying makeup to the affected area for at least a day or two afterwards.

Buy a Calming Cream

Many skin care professionals will recommend purchasing a calming cream to apply on the skin after undergoing a laser hair removal procedure. A calming cream can help reduce many of the side effects, such as redness, swelling, itching and overall discomfort. Again, it’s tempting to scratch the area or touch it often to try to soothe some of the discomfort, but those are the worst things you can do. Applying a cream as needed after your treatment will help you get through those uncomfortable first few days.

Laser hair removal is becoming more popular every day, but you have to understand how to take care of your skin afterward to prevent further issues. Please follow the above skin care tips after laser hair removal for best and optimal results. For more information on hair removal in Arlington, Virginia, contact us today!

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