Which Laser is Best for Tattoo Removal?

Which Laser is Best for Tattoo Removal? Photo

One thing to remember when it comes to laser tattoo removal is there isn’t a single magic laser to remove every tattoo imaginable. However, you can usually find the right laser to remove your tattoo specifically—with the help of a professional, of course. There is definitely some controversy as far as the effectiveness of tattoo removal lasers. Here are some of those details, as well as which laser is actually proven to be the best.

Controversy Surrounding Picosure Lasers

Many people opt for a Picosure tattoo removal procedure because the company, Cynosure, advertises it as the best laser on the market. However, there is a Picosure lawsuit currently pending due to false advertising. Cynosure marketed the Picosure tattoo removal procedure as being able to remove tattoo ink with unprecedented results, but the machine doesn’t work as advertised. Instead, the company continued to make false claims, even when confronted by clients, and did not allow those clients to return the product.

Effectiveness of the Quanta Q Plus C Laser

While the Picosure laser may be able to remove some tattoos, it doesn’t work nearly as effectively as advertised. However, the Quanta Q Plus C laser has set the standard in the industry. What makes it unique is it has three different wavelengths to treat many different ink colors. Most other lasers can only target certain tattoo colors, but the Quanta Q Plus C can target all colors to safely remove virtually any tattoo.

Proven Results, Minimal Side Effects

The Quanta Q Plus C laser works by using a nanosecond intense light to penetrate the skin in order to break up the tattoo ink. Once the ink is broken up, the body’s immune system will actually completely remove the pigments over a period of time. The great thing about the Quanta Q Plus C laser is it will target only the tattoo, so the surrounding skin will not be harmed.

Every tattoo reacts differently, depending on the size, location, colors and skin type of the patient. However, the Quanta Q Plus C laser has delivered consistent results, all while giving the patient very minimal side effects.

Skin Deep Laser Services utilizes the Quanta Q Plus C laser in order to provide the best quality laser tattoo removal options for clients in the Arlington, Fairfax and Alexandria, Virginia areas. If you’re looking for the best laser tattoo removal procedure in the area, be sure to contact us for a free consultation.

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