Tattoo Regrets: Remove or Cover Up?

Tattoo Regrets: Remove or Cover Up? Photo

Everyone makes mistakes—even tattoo artists. Sometimes they may misinterpret your vision or simply make a mistake while inking. Regardless of the situation, if you aren’t happy with your new tattoo, you’ll likely want to either remove it or cover it up. The good thing is removing tattoos isn’t necessarily as hard as people think. Here are some things to consider regarding tattoo removals or cover-ups.

You never have to live with a tattoo you regret! We’ll tell you your options for dealing with it.

The Sooner the Better for Tattoo Removal

If you’re going to undergo laser tattoo removal, it’s best to get it done as soon as reasonably possible.. The ideal time to start the removal process within three months of getting the tattoo. Starting the laser tattoo removal process in this timeframe will help break up the ink before it saturates too deeply into the dermis.

There are many variables for determining how many treatments it will take to completely remove an unwanted tattoo. Those variables include the location of the tattoo, the size, color and your skin type and tone. Regardless, your chances of succeeding with laser tattoo removal will be much higher the sooner you start the process.

What to Know About Cover-Ups

A cover-up tattoo may seem like a logical fix in some cases, but the old ink can easily shine through the new tattoo. If you get a minimum of five removal treatments before getting the tattoo covered, the chances of the old tattoo shining through will decrease significantly. As the popularity of cover-up tattoos increases, getting a few laser tattoo removal treatments will increase your chances of success. The artists we work with are very impressed with their cover up work when placed over a tattoo that we have treated with our laser. Laser tattoo removal treatments give your artist a much better canvas to work with thus resulting in a much better piece of art work for you to enjoy.

Consider Future Tattoos When Deciding

If you plan on getting tattoos in the same areas in the future, take into consideration that tattoo artists prefer to work on previously treated tattoos by Skin Deep Laser Services. Some tattoo artists will refuse to do work on untreated tattoos because the potential quality won’t meet their standards. Whether you decide to do a complete tattoo removal or just a cover-up, be sure to think about any future tattoos you may want to get.

In addition to deciding whether to remove or cover up an unwanted tattoo, you need to consider the tattoo removal cost as well. Getting treatments sooner will lower the cost, since you’ll need less of them.

At Skin Deep Laser Services, we take pride in providing the best quality tattoo removal services in the Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington, Virginia areas. Our tattoo removal cost is affordable. Be sure to contact us today for a free consultation.

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