How Many Treatments Will Your Laser Tattoo Removal Take?

How Many Treatments Will Your Laser Tattoo Removal Take? Photo

Getting a tattoo removed takes a lot more work than getting it inked in the first place. However, there are very few tattoos that cannot be removed at all. The number of laser tattoo removal treatments it takes depends on a variety of factors. Without talking to a professional in Alexandria or Springfield, VA, it’s tough to determine exactly how many you will need. Most people will require at least two treatments, and could require up to ten treatments. Here are some of the variables to determine the number of treatments needed.

Do you want your tattoo removed ASAP? Here’s how long it may really take.

Variables Determining Number of Treatments

  • Location – Tattoos on your hands or feet will require more treatments than other areas, such as your back or chest. These areas are generally slower to heal due to the distance from you lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter foreign particles and/or bacteria in the human system and help to break down the ink of a tattoo.
  • Size – Laser tattoo removal is effective on any size tattoo, but the smaller ones often require just as many treatments even though they cover less space.
  • Color & Ink– Brighter ink colors make laser tattoo removal a challenge, but darker colors aren’t as bad. The major factors are the density of the ink, if the ink has been covered over and the type of ink being treated.
  • Age of the Tattoo – Older tattoos will begin to naturally fade, making them easier to remove than newer ones. A newer tattoo will still have defined colors, so they could require more treatments.
  • Skin Color – Due to the lasers used during the laser tattoo removal process, people with lighter skin tend to require fewer treatments than people with darker skin. It’s easier for the laser to detect the contrast between the ink and the skin of lighter skin tones, so the results are typically achieved in less treatment than those of a darker skin tone.
  • Your Health – Believe it or not, your health plays a vital role in the number of laser tattoo removal treatments required. People who smoke or are generally unhealthy will require many more treatments because of the body’s immune system. Ideally you want your immune system in tip top shape so that it can break the treated ink down and carry it off for disposal.

Schedule a Professional Consultation

The only way to get an idea of how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo is to see a professional. Because of the variety of determining factors, and not knowing how a patient’s body will react to treatments, it can be difficult for a professional to guarantee the amount of treatments as well, but they should be able to get pretty close.

At Skin Deep Laser Services, our professionals do their best to give you accurate estimates on the amount of treatments required for your laser tattoo removal. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced professionals.

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