Everything You Should Know About Acne Scar Revision

Everything You Should Know About Acne Scar Revision Photo

You may have heard of both laser skin resurfacing and acne scar revision, but did you know they are essentially one in the same? With the use of a laser, professionals can directly target acne scars so patients don’t experience adverse side effects to other areas of the body. While there still may be some minor side effects with laser acne scar revision treatments, most people only feel a little discomfort. Before you get your acne scar revision treatment in the Arlington, Alexandria or Fairfax be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into and how it can help.

If you’re dealing with unsightly acne scars, acne scar revision may be the best choice for you.

How Lasers Are Used to Treat Acne Scars

For acne scars, professionals will use lasers to remove the outer layers of the affected skin to expose new skin. There’s also another technique where a laser can stimulate collagen growth from beneath the skin to tighten it up under the scar and help it recover. While these methods may not seem like the most comfortable on paper, these treatments aren’t as bad as they seem.  The CO2 Fractionated Laser is designed to deliver the best results on the market with the least amount of discomfort and side effects.

Side Effects of Acne Scar Revision

One of the first questions any client asks when thinking about laser acne scar revision treatments is what the side effects will be. The good news is, despite the anxiety many people feel when they think of lasers, there are very few major side effects! Most patients will experience some swelling, redness, dry skin and itchiness at the very least. This generally goes away in a few days or up to a couple weeks, depending on how long it takes the new skin to mature. While uncomfortable, these minor side effects are well worth enduring once you see the results!

Acne Scar Revision Boosts Confidence

A simple laser acne scar revision treatment will boost your confidence almost instantaneously. Unsightly acne scars can damage your self-confidence, especially when the scars are in visible areas like your face. Once your new skin is restored and you don’t have to look at the scars anymore, you’ll feel like a new person with your new skin!

Many people don’t realize acne scar revision is a form of laser skin resurfacing. If you’d like more information on this procedure, feel free to contact us. Skin Deep Laser Services provides the best laser services in the Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington, Virginia areas.

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