5 Things to Think About Before Removing Your Tattoo

5 Things to Think About Before Removing Your Tattoo Photo

Just like everyone has a reason for getting a tattoo, everyone also has a reason they might want to get their tattoo removed. All tattoos have some sort of story or significance behind them, but it still doesn’t mean you necessarily want the story to last forever. When the time comes to get rid of your tattoo, you shouldn’t just jump right into the process. While laser tattoo removal has evolved significantly over the years, here are some of the things you need to think about before getting your tattoo removed.

Tattoo Removal Isn’t Immediate

Laser tattoo removal is a marathon, not a sprint. Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, it could take a dozen or more sessions to completely remove the tattoo. That is generally the worst-case scenario, but you definitely cannot expect your tattoo to be removed when you walk into the medical professional’s office the first time.

Set Expectations Appropriately

Each person’s skin reacts differently to laser tattoo removal procedures. Sometimes the skin can look like the tattoo was never there, but other times there will be some blemishes. Before you get yours removed, ask the medical professional for some before and after tattoo removal photos to see how their clients’ skin reacted.

Tattoo Removal Can Be Painful

One of the first questions you may have is “does tattoo removal hurt?” The answer varies depending on your pain tolerance, the size of the tattoo, the location and other factors. In general, though, tattoo removal isn’t any more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place.

Consider the Laser Used

Many facilities don’t use the highest quality lasers, which could leave unsightly marks on your skin. Others may not even remove the tattoo completely. Be sure to ask your medical professional about the laser and do your own research on it.

Removing a Tattoo Isn’t Cheap

Cost should be another consideration when thinking about laser tattoo removal in the Fairfax, Alexandria, Annandale or Springfield, VA areas. Since you may have to go in for multiple treatments, the cost can add up quickly and easily exceed the cost of the tattoo originally.

Skin Deep Laser Services uses the highest quality Quanta Q Plus C laser to get the best results for laser tattoo removal. However, we still want to ensure you are making the best decision before we begin the process. Be sure to contact us to set up a free consultation to discuss all of your options and possible outcomes.

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