Now is the Time to Start Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Now is the Time to Start Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments Photo

If you’ve been considering getting permanent hair removal treatments for a while, now may be the perfect time of year to do it. While laser hair removal treatments are effective any time of year, the fall and winter months are typically the most convenient for people. Since we usually don’t spend as much time outdoors during these months, the recovery process is much easier and the risk of any setbacks is kept to a minimum. Here are some of the main reasons why now is the time to consider hair removal for legs, back, chest or any other area you want to be treated.

Your Skin Does Not Get As Much Sun Exposure

Clients should not get a laser hair removal treatment if they have recently experienced a sunburn. While these treatments are virtually painless, vulnerable skin due to sunburn could cause irritation and potentially reduce the effectiveness of the laser. Once you’ve received a permanent hair removal treatment, your medical professional will recommend staying out of the sun for a few weeks to allow the area to heal properly. Since most people don’t spend as much time outdoors during the fall, and the fact that the sun isn’t nearly as hot during this time, now is a great time to start your treatments.

Your Summer Tan Has Faded

Laser technology today has advanced to the point where virtually anyone can seek treatments for hair removal for legs or any other part of the body. However, the best results still occur in people with fair skin and dark hair. This combination allows the laser to easily differentiate your skin color with the hair color and target the follicles more effectively. Since your summer tan is likely starting to fade, this is a great time to get permanent hair removal treatments.

Your Skin Will Be Ready For Spring and Summer

One thing you need to know about permanent hair removal is multiple treatments are required. Your hair grows in different cycles and the hair must be in an active growth phase for the laser treatment to be effective. So the earlier you begin your treatments in the fall, the more time you’ll give the skin to recover and heal. It could take several treatments over the course of multiple weeks to achieve permanent hair removal, so it’s never too early to get your first treatment.

Skin Deep Laser Services is here to answer any questions you have about permanent laser hair removal and then deliver the highest quality results. Whether you have concerns with laser hair removal cost, the treatment process, aftercare tips or anything else, we will ensure you have complete confidence before beginning any treatment. There’s never a bad time to pursue laser hair removal treatments, so give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation.

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