The Reasons Why Hyperpigmentation is so Hard to Get Rid Of

The Reasons Why Hyperpigmentation is so Hard to Get Rid Of Photo

Hyperpigmentation impacts most people at some point during their lives. The severity of the hyperpigmentation varies, though, depending on the person’s skin tone, their level of sun exposure, hormones and other factors. In a situation of an acne breakout, it’s easy to think hyperpigmentation is an acne scar since it appears in the form of a red or brown mark on the skin sometimes. No matter how you’ve developed the skin discoloration, the pro yellow laser for hyperpigmentation is widely regarded as the most effective treatment option. Some patience is still required, as hyperpigmentation in general is somewhat difficult to remove completely.

How Melanin Production Creates Hyperpigmentation

In simple terms, hyperpigmentation is a result of the body producing too much melanin. Melanin is the pigment that protects your skin from the sun. So the more sun exposure you get regularly, the more melanin is produced, which can lead to uneven dark spots. While hyperpigmentation can still appear when you wear sunscreen, it’s most likely to affect people who neglect to wear it while out in the sun. The good news is laser therapy is available to even out these dark spots and get your skin looking back to normal.

Skincare Products Versus Laser Treatments

Certain skincare products may be effective in reducing hyperpigmentation, but it requires daily use of the right products. And those still aren’t guaranteed to work. Many people have opted for laser therapy since it’s the quickest and most effective treatment option for hyperpigmentation. It works by sending a targeted laser beam into the skin of the affected area to promote collagen growth. Over several weeks and months, this collagen production will slowly tighten the skin and your dark spots should fade away as long as you are taking care of your skin properly.

Treating Hyperpigmentation Requires Patience

There’s no way to get rid of hyperpigmentation overnight or even in several days. The QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser is easily the best on the market for this type of treatment and you can still expect it to take a few weeks for your hyperpigmentation to be completely gone. The best way to expedite the effectiveness of the treatment is to follow your medical professional’s skincare recommendations after your laser therapy session.

Skin Deep Laser Services prides itself on offering only the best quality equipment and experienced professionals to perform treatments. The QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser is the most innovative laser technology on the market today, and we are the only office on the east coast that offers it to clients. We understand hyperpigmentation can be frustrating and annoying, so you owe it to yourself to pursue treatment options. Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced professionals.

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