Make the Most Out of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Make the Most Out of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments Photo

As laser hair removal becomes increasingly popular, more people have questions about the process and effectiveness of the treatments. The reality is all of the questions have to do with how to make the most out of each treatment. Clinical studies have shown the best laser hair removal treatments are up to 90% effective at creating a permanent reduction of hair. In order to maximize the results of your treatment, here are some tips to consider.

Avoid Sun Exposure Before And After Treatments

While the nature of the laser hair removal process is to target individual hair follicles, the skin can experience some sensitivity as well. People who have an active sunburn or have had extensive sun exposure in the past few weeks may not be the best candidate for laser hair removal at this time. Your medical professional can evaluate the skin to determine whether the procedure will be effective, though.

After a laser hair removal treatment, it’s important to avoid extensive sun exposure due to possible skin sensitivity and vulnerability. Sunscreen can and should be worn when outdoors for at least four weeks following a treatment.

Don’t Pluck Or Wax Your Hair

The Quanta Pronto laser used in treatments will target individual hair follicles in order to reduce the hair count and prevent further growth of the hair. When you pluck or wax your hair, you could be reducing the effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment, since the laser may not be able to target the hair completely. During your evaluation with a medical professional, they will tell you if your hair is at the proper length and if it needs to be shaved or trimmed before getting treated.

Trimming The Hair Can Boost Effectiveness

Depending on the length of the hair being treated, your medical professional may suggest shaving before getting a treatment. The idea is for the laser to target the hair follicle and absorb as much energy as possible into it. If you have longer hair, then the energy will be dispersed throughout the length of the hair and potentially reduce the effectiveness. Shaving or trimming the hair a day or two before your laser hair removal treatment can help ensure you get the most out of it.

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