What is a Cherry Angioma?

What is a Cherry Angioma? Photo

A cherry angioma is also known as a red mole. This is a common skin growth and can develop on many different areas of the body. Most of the time, there is no cause for concern with cherry angiomas. However, a small percentage of cases have proven to be cancerous. It’s important to monitor a cherry angioma and seek a doctor if you notice any changes in color, shape or size.

Identifying a Cherry Angioma

Cherry angiomas are generally bright red and can vary in size in shape. Most of them are very small, but can grow up to ¼” in diameter. They can also be slightly raised or smooth. Most cherry angiomas will grow on the shoulders, arms or on the torso. If you have a cherry angioma irritating you due to the size or location, you could consider a cherry angioma removal procedure to get rid of it completely.

Seeking Medical Treatment For Cherry Angiomas

There’s usually no reason to go through a red mole removal procedure, unless you notice something strange with yours. In rare instances, your red moles could change color or become irritated. You may need to seek help from a dermatologist to rule out any sort of serious condition prior to undergoing cherry angioma removal. However, it’s important to note most people get their red moles removed simply because they don’t like how they look, rather than because of a serious condition requiring it to be removed.

Cherry Angioma Removal Procedure

One of the most effective ways to remove cherry angiomas is through electrocautery. This involves using a laser to burn the red mole until it is no longer visible. This procedure only takes a few seconds per mole, and the cherry angioma removal cost can vary depending on how many you are having removed. For budgeting purposes, you can expect to spend around $200 for the removal of ten red moles.

Patients shouldn’t experience many negative side effects, other than the expected redness, scabbing and slight discomfort. Regular activities can be resumed immediately and the cherry angioma won’t be visible anymore merely seconds after the procedure.

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