Don’t Waste Your Time on These Tattoo Removal Methods

Don’t Waste Your Time on These Tattoo Removal Methods Photo

People in northern Virginia have many different options when it comes to tattoo removal procedures. Doing a simple online search will lead you to hundreds of results telling you which is the best procedure to remove your tattoo. One of the procedures you will see is laser tattoo removal, which is the best option available today.

But what about the other methods? The laser tattoo removal cost may not be in your budget, so it’s tempting to try out less expensive methods. However, you may be setting yourself up for spending more money in the long-run because of the ineffectiveness of the other methods. Here are a few tattoo removal methods you should avoid completely.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Creams designed to remove tattoos don’t usually work the way they’re described. In fact, most of the time they cause more harm than good. Along with not actually removing the tattoo, the chemicals in the cream could cause skin irritation, peeling, pigmentation issues and possible scarring. The best result you can expect is a faded tattoo, which is hardly worth it.

Acid Peels

The science behind an acid peel is the chemicals fade the tattoo by removing layers of your skin. If this sounds like it could be painful, you’re right. Acid peels are known to be dangerous and have some fairly severe side effects, so they are not recommended by many professionals.


Dermabrasion can be explained simply as trying to sand down the skin where the tattoo is located. The process is painful and requires multiple treatments over the span of months, or possibly more than a year. The difference between dermabrasion and laser tattoo removal procedures is the lasers don’t cause as many side effects, and the pain level is much lower with laser treatments.


Having your tattoo surgically removed by cutting out the skin could be effective. However, tattoo ink can be embedded deep into the skin, so much where the doctor can’t get it all. And you will likely have at least minor scarring afterward.

While laser tattoo removal is widely considered as the best tattoo removal method, not all are created equally. The Picosure tattoo removal method received a lot of scrutiny because of the types of lasers used. Not only were the results not as advertised, but many clients left with skin damage. Be sure to consult with your professional and ask about which lasers they use for the process.

Skin Deep Laser Services uses the highest quality Quanta Q Plus C lasers for laser tattoo removal. If you’re in the Fairfax, Annandale, Springfield or Alexandria, VA areas and have any questions about laser tattoo removal cost or need advice on other tattoo removal methods, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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