Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment: Don’t Just Act like You Care

Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment: Don’t Just Act like You Care Photo

One great decision I made in my life was getting a laser acne scar removal treatment. The path I took to finally making the decision to get the treatment was much more difficult than the treatment itself. In fact, I was very comfortable with the specialist who performed the treatment and she delivered the process inflicting minimal pain. She was also much more affordable than doctors and dermatologists.

Wanting to treat my acne scars and facial irregularities were things I was never bothered about until they affected my job. That may sound a bit obscure, but it’s because I’m a theater actress.

I’ve always liked performing arts. I had training throughout grade school and received professional training as well. I was confident that I had the passion and the skills to make it in this industry. When I finally had my break, I thought to myself… dreams do come true after all!!!

The theater is a larger industry then you would imagine in Virginia, especially in Northern Virginia. Through the famous group I’m in, including my countless experiences, I had many opportunities to get main character roles or at least the important roles but never landed one. Pretty soon, I’ve made a name for myself in the local world of theater for coming in 2nd place. Not the reputation I had worked so hard for.

A particular role for a play in Washington D.C. came along and I badly wanted to land the main character. You’d think it’s easy for me to get the role after establishing my name and for being in the industry and all that, but no, I still had to audition. Thankfully, I got it and I was ecstatic about it! As soon as I got my script, I practiced, memorized and got into character. We had two script readings and two rehearsals then suddenly the director called me. Never in my life could I imagine the words he said…I’m sorry but you have been replaced!

My world fell apart.

I didn’t know what happened. I asked if there was something wrong with my acting. He was actually sorry and said that I was great but they found a more suited actress and I was cast aside into another role. The moment I saw my replacement, I was embarrassed. I felt like somebody poured cold water over me and I excused myself for the day. I cried a hearty cry that day. Just by one look at the girl, I knew what the director wanted.

They needed an actress who had a soft and youthful look. The only thing stopping me from having that desired look was my acne scars on my cheeks. I still remember how extremely hurt, ashamed and rejected I felt. Heartbroken but still proud, I didn’t blame anyone because it was my fault for not taking care of myself. I was an actress. Part of portraying characters was using my external appearance and I didn’t take care of mine in my adolescent years, like most people. However, I never thought it would haunt me in my career.

I always used make up cover my acne scars, and perhaps it never really covered them. During a rehearsal, under certain theater lighting, it was apparent how much more flawless and radiant her skin appeared than mine.

I talked to my mother about my experience and she mentioned a skin treatment center in Burke, Virginia near her office. I checked it out online and booked a consultation for laser acne scar removal. Well, I was delighted to learn that the laser to be used to reduce my acne scars is a Co2 Fraxel laser which basically works as Fraxel laser skin resurfacing treatment that facilitates to diminish wrinkles, fine lines and help to improve my skin irregularities altogether! I still refer to it as, because most people will understand it by that name. Getting the treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The scars seemed to be fading by the day and I looked younger. What a confidence booster!

After almost a year, I auditioned for a role with that same director again and he noticed my skin and complimented me prior to the audition. I wanted to reject the opportunity as a payback but seeing that he looked regretful and that he recognized my new look, I gave the audition my best and landed the role! Why wouldn’t I when I loved the role and he offered to double the pay. So my lesson to you is: don’t hesitate to explore these very real cosmetic solutions, makeup is just a temporary solution. Simply look for a trusted skin care treatment center and you’ll never know how it could help you not only in your career and self-confidence but it may help you find your new romance too.

PS: I’m married to that director now.

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