The Madonna Eyelift: Perfect for Those Scared of Surgery

The Madonna Eyelift: Perfect for Those Scared of Surgery Photo

We can understand the anxiety people face before going under the knife, no matter the reason for the procedure. However, if you have saggy or wrinkly skin around your eyes, there’s an alternative to surgery that will help make you feel more confident and look younger. If you’ve ever heard anyone ask, “What is the Madonna Eyelift?” you’ll be able to tell them exactly what it is after you continue reading.

Non-Invasive Skin Resurfacing Alternative

Simply put, the Madonna eye lift is a laser eye lift without surgery. It’s also called the fractional CO2 eye lift, which just refers to the type of laser it uses to conduct the procedure. The best thing about the Madonna eyelift is it doesn’t have as many risks associated with it when compared to traditional surgery. Plus, the Madonna eye lift cost is much more reasonable than surgery.

How Does Madonna Eyelift Work?

The Madonna eye lift is conducted using a fractional CO2 laser, which only targets the affected area. The laser emits a light beam to create thousands of micro perforated columns in the skin to help it rejuvenate and tighten up. Your eyes will be covered with an anaesthetic for around 40 minutes, or until it takes full effect. Once it’s removed, the specialist will be able to conduct the laser procedure in roughly five minutes per eye.

Side Effects and Recovery

In addition to the main question of the Madonna eyelift cost, you need to also know about the side effects and recovery for the procedure. There will be some irritation, redness and possible sensitivity for the first few days after the procedure, but it will go away naturally.

Recovery time only takes a few days. However, you may need to go in for anywhere between two to five treatments in order for the results to take hold. These treatments will be spread out over the course of three months or so.

Skin Deep Laser Services is the leader in providing a laser eye lift without surgery, the “Madonna eyelift,” to patients in the Annandale, Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia areas. If you’re tired of looking at saggy or wrinkly skin around your eyes, be sure to Contact Us to set up a free consultation.

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