My Daughter’s Acne Scars Paved the Way of our Lasting Mother-Daughter Bond

I’m a mother of a 17-year-old. She’s the best daughter in the world. More than I could ever ask for. She’s sweet, caring and respectful to all her elders. She has always been a bright and very optimistic girl. All I could think of is how admirable she has grown. One day I caught her blankly staring at herself at her vanity mirror. I knocked at her door, asked if everything was okay. She just smiled and said she was fine. I trusted her and didn’t pry anymore.

One night, we were together on the couch watching this TV show we loved about some scientists. Out of the blue, she asked me if I thought she looked pretty. I was taken aback but said yes. My daughter’s not only pretty in my eyes but people have commented on that too. So I told her just that. She just smiled at me and we watched the TV show.

At that point, I knew something was up. Softly, I called her name and asked what was wrong. She uttered not a single word at first and then she started to cry. It broke my heart. To this very day, I remember that moment very well as I just felt all these emotions of concern and protectiveness and of love engulfing me as I hugged my baby to comfort her.

Of course, as a mother, I wished I could simply snap my fingers and fix her problem but I calmed down and asked her to tell me what seems to have been bothering her. She said, “I don’t feel pretty at all.” I actually sighed in relief when she said that because there were far more serious adolescent problems she could’ve been facing at this time but this issue was on the lighter side of things.

So after easing my anxious knot, I asked why she felt that way. She said that her face is “bombarded” with all these pimples and it bothered her and lost her confidence altogether. She told me that all of her friends were all very pretty and beautiful. They have very nice flawless skin. Though I felt somehow thankful that that is just what she is going through, I knew being seventeen years old makes you feel that problems weigh so much more. I went through that too.

I remember thanking her for confiding in me because it’s a great deal to have this kind of relationship with your child. I was ecstatic even that she confided in me. It seems like a problem with this generation. Kids these days don’t talk to their parents anymore nor would they want to tell them personal stuff.

I told my little girl that for every problem, there is a solution just around the corner. We just have to find it. I promised I’d help her find one. Before I went to sleep that night I read a lot of articles about pimples and how to treat them. Then I came to a decision, the very next day I took her to a skin treatment clinic in Virginia. I would do anything for her.

The attendant in the skin treatment clinic told us that besides pimples, she also has a bad case of acne scars and some of them are very deep. The consultant said that she could try applying some antibiotic and creams to cure them but that it would be better for her to have a laser acne scar removal procedure so her skin texture would improve faster. I had doubts when there was a mention of laser and felt like it wasn’t safe. But my daughter said her friend underwent the same procedure and it did help cure the problem. The consultant assured us that the procedure is completely safe even for teenagers.

We went home that night, it was a long drive from downtown Burke. My husband said if I thought it’s safe and can help our child then why not. After almost a week of deliberating about the treatment and seeing how it has really affected my child, I finally decided. We went back to the skin treatment clinic in Burke, Virginia and had my daughter proceeded with the laser acne scar removal treatment.

After the treatment, I was a bit worried because she was advised a lot of aftercare rituals and do’s and don’ts. I thought that it was too much for a child and that there would be weeks staying indoor and avoiding sun exposure. Surprisingly my kid was very diligent with all the aftercare instructions. I was amazed at how disciplined she became.

With one laser acne removal treatment session, the results and effect were great. We noticed that those crater-like textures on her cheeks alleviated a lot. And her skin was finer and more radiant. Although during the process it looked like a lot of work and burden, I think the results were worth it. They advised us of a follow-up laser acne removal treatment and my daughter was just too eager about it. The skin clinic is quite far as it is situated in the business district in Burke, Virginia, we had to travel more or less an hour. But what can I say, I’m a mother! As a mom, you could only wish for the happiness of your child.

I’m just really glad that my daughter is finally happy and confident. It is a long journey but I’m happy to have been with her during this trying period of her life which I think has significantly improved our mother-daughter bond too. But now that she’s recently got a boyfriend, I think I have to be prepared for more and probably harder adolescent consultations. I sure hope my baby would always trust and confide in me.

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