Have You Heard of These Four Skin Resurfacing Myths?

Have You Heard of These Four Skin Resurfacing Myths? Photo

The skin resurfacing procedure has many misconceptions, mainly because of the disadvantages formerly provided by old technology. With the new technology offered in the form of CO2 laser resurfacing, many of those myths don’t apply anymore. The cutting edge tools professionals work with today make the skin resurfacing process seamless and affordable. With all the myths surrounding the process, it’s difficult to know what to believe. We will help you out by informing you of the top four skin resurfacing myths you shouldn’t believe.

You’ll See Immediate Results

Some people think laser fractional resurfacing doesn’t work because the results aren’t immediate. While you won’t walk out of the procedure with perfect skin right when you look in the mirror, it will improve over the span of a week or so. Immediate results would be ideal, but the reality is the procedure burns off the top layer of your skin so the healing process takes some time.

Skin Resurfacing Works on Everyone

Everyone has a different skin type, and laser rejuvenation doesn’t work on all of them. People with darker skin may actually end up with more blemishes as a result of the procedure since the pigmentation could be burned. In general, skin resurfacing works better on patients with a lighter skin tone.

All Skin Resurfacing Techniques Are Equal

The laser rejuvenation procedure can differ depending on the patient’s skin type and what area of the body the procedure will take place. Professionals will use a different technique, and maybe even a different laser, for facial skin versus other areas. You can research the various types of lasers professionals use or schedule an appointment to go over your options.

Skin Resurfacing Is Too Expensive

When people think of laser skin resurfacing, they will often think the cost is way too high. While it can be a strain on your budget, depending on your financial situation, the cost has been significantly reduced over the years. Since the procedure isn’t new anymore, CO2 laser resurfacing is now more affordable than ever.

If you’ve ever thought about skin resurfacing, now has never been a better time to strongly consider it. With the new technology used throughout the procedure, it doesn’t take long at all, and the recovery time has been reduced drastically. If you have any questions or concerns about the process or other myths about skin resurfacing, contact us at any time.

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