Skin Deep Laser Services Offers New Madonna Eye Lift Procedure

Skin Deep Laser Services Offers New Madonna Eye Lift Procedure Photo

Burke, Virginia, August 25, 2016: Skin Deep Laser Services is pleased to announce they are offering a brand new procedure for their clients—the Madonna eye lift. Clients may see the procedure additionally referred to as the fractional CO2 eye lift. This new service is a safer version of eyelid surgery, meant to create higher eyebrows and eliminate signs of aging, fatigue, and discoloration.

The procedure starts off with an anesthetic applied to the eyelids for at least 35 minutes. Once this step is completed, the client is given eye shields for protection before the procedure begins. One of the major benefits of the Madonna eye lift is its speed because the actual laser treatment takes no more than 10 minutes total. The laser treatment itself serves as laser skin resurfacing, boring microscopic holes into the eyelid’s surface and getting rid of unwanted blemishes in the process. Patients can expect their recovery time to last about three days maximum, and they will need to return to the office to retreat between two to five times to achieve their desired results.

Compared to eyelid surgery, the Madonna eye lift is intended to be far less invasive and more efficient. The CO2 fractional laser is designed to treat only a small portion of the skin, allowing for far less damage and a shorter amount of recovery time.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Madonna eye lift can call (703) 639-4446 or our homepage.

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