Will the Military Make Me Get My Tattoo Removed?

Will the Military Make Me Get My Tattoo Removed? Photo

If you’re seriously thinking about joining the military, there are obviously a lot of things you have to consider. However, many people don’t think of their tattoos as being problematic. Military branches have their own policies, but most of them don’t allow tattoos in some form or fashion. Considering most branches are getting even stricter with their policies, you’ll most likely have to get yours removed. Military officials don’t care about the laser tattoo removal cost in Fairfax, Virginia; they just don’t want to see the tattoo. Before you go all out with your tattoo removal, however, here are some things to think about.

Tattoo Guidelines for the Military

The location of the tattoo is sometimes just as important as how the tattoo looks. Any tattoo that is visible from under your clothing will most likely need to be removed before joining the military. These include the hands, wrists, neck, upper chest and other locations. Tattoo removal in Alexandria VA could be needed as it’s very close to the Pentagon and other Department of Defense organizations that frown upon ink in the workplace.

The size of the tattoo gets taken into consideration as well. Generally, if you have a tattoo larger than the palm of your hand, the military could reject you. If you have a larger tattoo than that, the laser tattoo removal cost in Falls Church, Virginia will be much more expensive.

Quantity is also a potential disqualifier. If you have more than a handful of tattoos scrawled all over your body, the size or location may not even matter. Also, it goes without saying you will likely be rejected if your tattoo has anything derogatory on it. Even if you think a quote or object is harmless, the military could see it as a possible gang-related reference and force you to remove it.

Here’s some US Army Visible Tattoo Regulations to check out.

We won’t forget the Navy either. You can see the United States Navy’s latest news development around tattoos here, and the Air Force’s guidance for tattoos as well.

What Can You Do About It?

You can always try to join the military with the tattoos you have, but chances are you will get rejected. Your best bet is to undergo a laser tattoo removal procedure. Many people ask, “does laser tattoo removal hurt?” The answer depends on your pain tolerance, but most of them aren’t much more painful than getting the tattoos inked in the first place. The laser tattoo removal process doesn’t take too long, but it will require multiple treatments, depending on the size and location of the tattoo.

If you’re in the Falls Church, VA or Fairfax, VA areas and want to learn more about laser tattoo removal cost and the procedure, be sure to contact us.