Laser Tattoo Removal for Military Personnel

Tattooing is recognized as a well-established form of art in the United State’s core cultural reference books, professional journals, newspapers, and magazines. Over the last three decades, this form of art has undergone dramatic changes. In the 1970s, artists trained in traditional fine art disciplines began to embrace tattooing and experimented with entirely new types of sophisticated imagery and techniques. By the 1990’s it was accepted by most people and became a fashion symbol for most of the youth of that time. 80% of the young Americans supported a tattoo somewhere on the body as an act of passion, friendship or rebellion, not thinking about the consequences. Many of these young people dreamt about joining the military someday and serving their nation. Little did they know that the rules regarding tattoos would change so drastically?

Thanks to the cutting edge innovations in the world of laser tattoo removal, it has now become possible to get rid of the ink that could hinder young people from getting their dream job. The Daily Mail conducted a survey where they found that four out of ten people regret getting tattoos and one in six hate them so much that they want them surgically removed. Laser tattoo removal has become increasingly popular nowadays, especially in Northern Virginia where there are about thirty military bases.

All branches of the military have policies against divisive tattoos in order to ensure the cohesion of a military unit. In the words of Jennifer L. Bean of The News-Sentinel, “Although getting a tattoo in the military was once almost a rite of passage, the armed forces now have new rules. For example, Marines cannot have tattoos on their head or neck and/or sleeve tattoos, which are large tattoos or groups of tattoos on the lower arm. Tattoos on the upper arm or the leg that are visible when wearing military-issued T-shirts and shorts are also prohibited.”

If someone with a tattoo is planning on getting a job in the military, he or she must consider getting their tattoos removed through laser tattoo removal treatments before meeting with the recruiting officer. After all, the first impression is the last impression. Skin Deep Laser Services is one of the only medical spas located in Northern Virginia that specializes in the safe procedure of laser tattoo removal using lasers. Their Q Switched Laser system enables the experts to work on all colors and almost all skin types. The Laser works by injecting the skin with a nanosecond intense light, which penetrates the skin to break up the ink particles in the tattoo. Shattering the tattoo ink makes the particles smaller allowing the body’s immune system to remove the pigments over time. The laser energy is safe and effective, and only targets the pigmented portion of the skin, leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. The number of sessions depends on the size of the tattoo and each session takes only a short time. For clients with scaring from poor laser tattoo removal practices treatments in the past, Skin Deep also specializes in laser skin resurfacing which can help break down and revise the unwanted scarring. Military Personnel also receives an additional discount as an honor to our Hero’s.

For some people, tattoos are a prized possession or a personal statement and they don’t want to part with it that easily. Such individuals can choose to get their tattoos faded and made smaller using the same laser tattoo removal procedures.

Northern Virginia’s Skin Deep Laser has helped many young people get rid of their tattoos so that they can get their dream jobs and serve the nation proudly.