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CO2 Fractional Laser Treatments for Stretch Marks

Rapid stretching of weak connective tissue over the skin can lead to visible lines on the skin called stretch marks. The most common reason why so many people have stretch marks is weight gain. Weight gain during pregnancy can lead to stretching of the skin around the waist and breasts. Puberty causes physical changes and growth in the human body, which also leads to stretch marks. The average weight in the US has significantly increased over the last few decades and so has the number of people, both men and women, with stretch marks. Their instances typically occur around areas where weight gain is the most prominent such as the abdomen, breasts, and thighs. Over time these unsightly marks can fade from red and purple to white but they never completely disappear. Often when women lose weight after pregnancy, they still don’t get rid of the stretch marks.
Although stretch marks don’t have any medical implications, for many people, they are simply unpleasant to look at. They feel less confident and try to keep a distance from their partners. Many people tend to gain weight during the winters around the time of Christmas and New Years. As soon as the festivities end, they start working hard to get in their best shape for summer to flaunt their beach bodies. However, unlike the winter weight, the stretch marks don’t go away that easily. One of the greatest breakthroughs of the decade, the CO2 fractional laser treatment aka laser skin resurfacing, has enabled many people to get that body they dream about.

According to a recent research paper published by Farahnaz Fatemi Naein and Mehrnaz Soghrati (Fractional CO2 Laser as an effective modality in the treatment of striae alba in skin types III and IV), fractional CO2 laser seems to be one of the most effective methods for treatment of stretch marks. Many other treatments also exist like topical creams and oils but they take more than 6 months just to show a measly improvement of 10 to 20 percent.
The Fractional CO2 laser is most commonly used for skin resurfacing of the face but recently has been shown to cause a great improvement in stretch marks. It works by ablating a fraction of the treatment area while the surrounding skin tissue is untouched and therefore, not damaged. This not only proves to be a less invasive procedure with faster recovery times, but it also produces better results as the collagen production can work in conjunction with existing, live skin tissue as opposed to the entire treatment area being damaged at once. Through the use of a topical anesthetic, side effects like mild discomfort can be allayed. A CO2 Fraxel treatment allows up to a 75% reduction in noticeable stretch marks just after a few treatments. For pregnant women, it is recommended to get laser stretch mark removal treatments as soon as possible after their delivery. The sooner the stretch marks are treated after their appearance, the better. Many middle-aged men and women now opt for fractional CO2 treatment for stretch marks.

Skin Deep Laser Services is one of the only medispas in Northern Virginia offering CO2 fractional skin resurfacing for treating stretch marks. It has helped many middle-aged men and women to get rid of stretch marks from their bodies and enabled them to become more confident and helped them feel more beautiful inside and out.