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If you have been looking into laser tattoo removal, you have probably read the term R20 Tattoo Removal. On first blush, this technique looks like a great option. It requires fewer treatments and will, therefore, theoretically, get the desired results in half the time. While this appears to be feasible, theoretically, the team at Skin Deep has decided not to offer this technique and we wanted to explain our reasoning.

R20 uses a similar technique to that of traditional laser tattoo removal, yet instead of six to eight weeks between single treatments, it’s 20 minutes with a maximum of 4 treatments in one session with an extended healing period.

We agree this sounds a bit too good to be true. By doing multiple treatments in one sitting, there is an increased risk of complication. Not just a little pain, either. We’re talking about an increased risk of swelling, infection, skin discolorations and scars that would make you miss your old ink. Medical science behind laser tattoo removal tells us that avoiding direct sunlight for two weeks following a laser tattoo removal procedure is paramount to the healing process. How is a burst of light, in the form of a powerful laser, just 20 minutes post procedure, and again 3 more times in 20-minute intervals, conducive to the healing process??? Your guess is as good as ours.

R20 is unproven, unsearched and possibly unsafe. Very few studies have been performed on the R20 tattoo removal method. But surely these few studies involved at least 100 tattoos, right? Wrong! One study in particular treated 20 tattoos on 12 subjects. Many of those treated did not even have professional tattoos. Instead, a large portion of the subjects received their ink at home or by amateur tattoo artists using amateur equipment which always fades faster than tattoo’s installed by a pro using pro equipment. You don’t have to look closely to see through the smoke and mirrors. Random studies of insignificant sample sizes produce inconclusive results. Seems like the deck is stacked for the R20 studies you’ll find online.

So, to say the evidence supporting the claims that R20 is a faster, more effective method is faulty is quite the understatement. More so, there is very little evidence other than a few small scale studies to support the opinion that the R20 method does, in fact, remove tattoos faster than traditional methods.

Here’s the kicker, R20 is only recommended for small tattoos done in dark ink on very pale skin. What about the rest of us??? Sounds like a marketing technique to get you in the door.

At Skin Deep, we have been trained by the best and can help you achieve the best results in the safest way possible. We use the gold standard of technology in the Quanta Q Plus-C laser system to remove your tattoo for optimal results. Better yet, there’s almost no risk of scarring or infections.

Your satisfaction and safety means more to Skin Deep than your money. Book your free consultation today and find out how we can help! 

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