When Could Spider Veins be More Than a Cosmetic Problem?

When Could Spider Veins be More Than a Cosmetic Problem? Photo

Spider veins are so common that most people will develop them at some point in their life. The good news is spider veins typically aren’t a cause for concern. They are usually the result of getting older, gaining weight, long periods of standing or sitting over time, genetics and more. Sometimes the terms spider veins and varicose veins are used interchangeably, but the truth is there are important differences. Varicose veins can be a little more serious and cause more discomfort than spider veins. In rare situations, spider veins could be more than just a cosmetic issue. Here’s what could cause those situations and how laser therapy can help.

Possible Circulatory Issues

If your spider veins are present as a result of circulatory issues, they could be a larger cause for concern. This means your veins may not be functioning how they should and could cause problems later on. Without getting them treated right away, the spider veins can increase in quantity and further complicate the circulatory problem. The pro yellow laser for spider veins is a quick and effective treatment option your medical professional may suggest.

How To Know if Your Spider Veins Should Be Treated?

Since spider veins are mostly harmless, it’s difficult to know whether you need to get them treated or not. Spider veins won’t go away on their own, so the best way to reduce their appearance is to get a laser therapy treatment. A visit to your medical professional periodically is recommended just so they can evaluate them and determine how serious they are. The earlier you can catch potential concerning attributes of your spider veins, the quicker you can get a laser therapy treatment and solve any problems.

Most Effective Treatment Option

Most medical professionals recommend the QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser to treat spider veins. It works by sending a laser beam to penetrate the skin and cause the blood in the vein to coagulate. The vein will then collapse, seal itself off and slowly disappear in the next several weeks. It is important to note, however, that laser therapy isn’t always the best option for serious spider veins or varicose veins. Your medical professional will determine the most appropriate treatment option by evaluating all possible factors.

Skin Deep Laser Services offers the most advanced laser technology to give their clients the best results possible. The pro yellow laser for spider veins is the most effective treatment option for the common spider veins that don’t require serious intervention. Our medical professionals will always evaluate your spider veins to ensure the best treatment is administered. Be sure to contact us to learn more about spider veins and whether yours can be treated with laser therapy.

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