The Impact Sun Damage Has on Your Skin

The Impact Sun Damage Has on Your Skin Photo

Being outdoors during the summertime is a great feeling. However, extended exposure to the sun can create some significant damage to the skin if you aren’t careful. Sun damage is one of the leading reasons why a person’s skin ages more quickly than it should, not to mention the other potentially more serious health issues sun damage can create. The good news is many of the symptoms of sun damage can be corrected with CO2 fractional laser resurfacing. Here are some of the impacts of sun damage on the skin and how you can fix the damage.

Creation of Hyperpigmentation

Many people like to be in the sun to get a tan on their skin. Most of the time it leads to great results, but it can also lead to unwanted pigmentation, sun spots or other skin blemishes. These blemishes may not appear right away, but can develop slowly over time. When you’ve experienced these unwanted skin blemishes, consider laser skin resurfacing as a safe and effective option to get your skin back to normal and reverse the consequences of the sun damage.

Breaks Down Collagen

Collagen plays a big role in the skin’s texture, firmness and overall appearance. The sun can actually slow down collagen and elastin production, which can expedite the development of fine lines, wrinkles and more. If these characteristics happen on your skin, laser skin resurfacing is a viable option to smooth it out and create a youthful appearance again. Plus, the nature of the procedure will produce six months of continuous collagen growth afterward so your skin will continue looking great.

Negative Impacts on Skin Texture

Sun damage can also create various skin texture issues, like dry skin, elasticity problems, dull-looking skin, uneven coloration and more. Sometimes exfoliating the skin with a chemical peel can take care of minor issues. Other times CO2 fractional laser resurfacing may be the best option for more extensive skin damage. Everyone wants their skin to look great at all times, so taking the necessary precautions to protect your skin from sun damage will help it glow and remain youthful looking for years to come.

Skin Deep Laser Services is here to help clients in Washington DC, Fairfax, Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia have the best skin possible. We work with many people who have experienced varying levels of sun damage, and each person is satisfied with their results after getting treated. Our laser skin resurfacing procedure is safe and effective, and can create long-lasting results with proper skin care. To learn more about our services and how we can create the beautiful skin you desire, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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